Like spiders predict the weather

In 1794, Napoleon's army, under the leadership of General Pichegru, went to Holland. Suddenly, the weather deteriorated, the heavy rain started and the roads washed away. Moving on was impossible, and the General ordered to temporarily stop the campaign. Soon he received the news that there will be cold and the river freezes over. The prediction came true. A week later, the weather again deteriorated, but the commander got information about the weather came true. Its General task is fulfilled due to this the reports that allowed, eat in time to penetrate into enemy territory on the frozen rivers. And predictions came out of jail a disgraced General Karemera, who was soon released at the request Pichegru.

So to accurately predict the weather Quatremere helped the spiders that he has observed 7 years. From my observations, the General came to the following conclusions: When a spider weaves a web, this means that it will rain with strong wind. If the insect weaves a radial thread -the storm is over half a day. The spider ceased to weave and destroyed the third part of the web — will be a breeze and no precipitation. A big web – to clear and Sunny weather. A small short filament to the frequent change in the weather. If the spider sits in the center of the web and does not move to the bad weather. It will be warm, if the spider down the spider webs down. Before hard frost, he begins to spin a web.

In the 1870-ies Peter Polivanov, was sentenced to life imprisonment, one day noticed a spider, and very happy to see him.

Convicted cared for the insects, fed him and watched his behavior. To make the spider too has fat Peter destroyed the woven web, and the spider again had her weave. Each time the web had a new pattern. And it turned out to be better than the last. Its amazing the friendship and the scientific and aesthetic observation of the prisoner has devoted a significant part of his memoirs.

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