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Spend a day in Beijing, among the smog that veiled the city is equivalent to Smoking 21 cigarettes or a pack a day, according to research conducted by the company relating to the environmental industry, together with Tsinghua University (Tsinghua University). The results of the study were published in the Chinese magazine Xinmin Weekly. Experts are urging the public in China to wear respiratory masks because everyone, including children and non-smokers at risk of respiratory disease in this smog, settled in the cities of the country.

Your response to the horrific air of Beijing gave the British artist Matt Hope (Matt Hope) in the form of bike with a air filtration system in the steampunk style.

The first bike was presented at the 2012 "Get It Louder" (the most important exhibition of contemporary art in China over the past few years), and was a great success.

The system is on the rear rack, made in haste out of a garbage can from IKEA, and, as he put it "the rest of the stuff," such as wind turbines and Chinese helmet fighter pilot. "Filtration system for cleaning air charged while you drive, purified air is constantly pumped through the tubes attached to the frame, and goes to the cyclist via a modified mask of a fighter pilot".

Matt calls his creation a "Breathing Bike" (Bike Breathing) and says that the impetus for the creation of such bike was the fact that he constantly sees around town cyclists with respirator — a prerequisite for survival in such polluted air of Beijing. "I think it makes more sense to give people clean air, than to constantly filter, because when you filter the air you can't breathe," shares Matt. Unfortunately, the bike generates about 5,000 volts of electricity, enough to kill a cyclist. This project applies more to the next statement of significant deterioration of air than a practical solution for the average resident of Beijing.


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