5 foods that burn fat and regulating metabolism

Is there a way to gain slim figure without severe sacrifices? Unfortunately, the well — known phrase - "beauty requires sacrifice" — still is the place to be, and without a specific physical activity to lose weight safely and effectively will not succeed.

But science evolves and scientists are discovering new ways of gaining a slim figure. One such method is eating foods that burn fat.

Below are the 5 main foods of this diet:

Dairy products

Dairy products but not milk itself – increase in the body amount of the hormone calcitriol, it causes cells to burn fat. Low-fat dairy products – yogurt, kefir, curd, curdled milk, according to scientists, help to dump excess weight and hinder the absorption of new fats.



Any kind of cabbage — a great helper in the struggle for a thin waist. Cabbage plays a role brush in the body, it cleanses it of toxins. Broccoli and cauliflower are sources of vitamins and minerals. Cabbage is a low calorie product, so it can be eaten in almost unlimited quantities.


Only recently, this spice has established itself as a great fat burning tool. It contributes to the accumulation of fats in the body by reducing blood sugar levels. Drinking a beverage from a mixture of a teaspoon of honey and half a spoon of cinnamon, drenched with boiling water, you will simply melt the fat.


The grapefruit diet is not a myth. Research conducted at the SCRIPPS clinic showed that citrus fruits Packed with vitamin C. It reduces insulin levels, and this, in turn, reduces weight. This fruit contains high amounts of flavonoid naringin, he has a strong choleretic effect, thus, it promotes the breakdown of fat. But you need to remember that the grapefruit need to eat, along with the bitter inner membrane, because it is in them that contains a substance that burns fat.


New research shows that water speeds up weight loss. German researchers found that drinking approximately 500 grams of water a day, man increases the rate of burning calories by 30%. The water is a natural appetite suppressant.

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