Facts about Kinder Surprise

Probably, almost all our readers with "Kinder Surprise" - an egg with a surprise chocolate contained inside a plastic container with a toy or a souvenir, which are developed both in-house and guest designers. During the long years of the brand, these chocolate eggs produced by many companies worldwide.

1. The trade mark owned by the Italian company Ferrero. Production of chocolate eggs this company started in 1974.

2. The inventor of "Kinder Surprise" was the Swiss Henry Roth - the designer who came up with the idea of ​​a chocolate gift, is placed inside the surprise.

3. Kinder surprises are bought and sold on 5 continents in 60 countries.

4. The entire line of products for children Ferrero is called Kinder. It is for this reason that the word «kinder» (Kinder) is an integral part of the name of chocolate eggs. But the second part of the title, the word «surprise» is translated into an analog thereof, depending on the country where it is sold. So chocolate eggs the company Ferrero in Germany called «Kinder Uberraschung», in Italy and Spain - «Kinder Sorpresa», Portugal and Brazil - «Kinder Surpresa», in Sweden and Norway - «Kinderoverraskelse», in England, - «Kinder Surprise», Well, in Russia - "Kinder Surprise».

5. For countries with a hot climate Kinder Surprise eggs with toys inside Ferrero produced less "fusible" form, called Kinder Joy.

6. To date, "Kinder Surprise" became popular not only among children but also adults collect toys from these eggs. Collecting has become quite serious proportions. On the online auction prices for rare types of toys can exceed 1,000 euros. In February 2007, on eBay is a collection of 90 thousand. Toy was sold for 30 thousand euro.

7. In the Russian Kinder Surprise know about 93% of the population between the ages of 4 and 50 years old.

8. In Kinder Surprise company «Ferrero» produces candy, jelly beans, cookies, pasta, chocolate bars: Ferrero, Raffaello, Fiesta, Nutella, Duplo, Tick-Tock, etc., etc. ...

9. Kinder Surprise chocolate egg prohibited for sale in the United States, where, according to the federal law in 1938 can not be put inedible objects in food.

10. The total weight of about 35 grams of eggs.

11. The content of dairy ingredients in Kinder Surprise - 32% (this is not the case that does not mean tasty useful).

12. Boxes Kinder there are 3, 6, 12 and 24 eggs.

13. Toys Surprise created specifically for Kinder Surprise - they are unique. For the year goes on sale more than 100 different Kinder toys. Among them are plastic, metal and even wood "surprises».

14. The very first batch of Kinder Surprise was sold in an hour!

15. During the 30 years of existence, Kinder Surprise has sold 30 billion chocolate eggs.


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