On the run

Two truck driver so busy telling each other tongue twisters that drying Sasha flew meters 70.
Scientists have proved that 50 grams before meals not only useful, but not enough.

Very thoughtful girl pumice reduced the size from 38 feet to 35

The son of the director of "AvtoVAZ" does not want to surrender the rights. Although his house, waiting for the newcomer, "Lada Priora┬╗.

The girl, who loves to stroke the animals, living in places bald cat.

The little boy broke a vase, and judging that the seven deaths do not happen, sold the TV and started to smoke.

The boy realized that my mother did not receive a salary and deceiving him after the 3rd consecutive Kinder surprise he caught the yolk and white.

A new razor for legs shaved so smoothly that Marina permanently subsided tights

Boy with good light and strong lips can drink through a straw goulash.

Very strong gust of wind almost broke his neck eared girl.

It would be better not Prometheus gave people the fire, and his bessmernuyu liver.


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