Why candies "Bird's milk"?

Almost every one of us at least once, so they tried the most delicious candy with an unusual name and probably wondered why they were so called. Here let it and find out. It is known that the bird's milk does not happen. However, not so long ago, scientists have refuted this theory. According to their data, it is available for flamingos, pigeons, crossbills, some penguins. Another thing is that it bears little resemblance to the familiar to us, cow's milk, which stands in our fridge - consistency is more like a cottage. They feed their young birds. It is believed that such milk - a rarity, so its cost is prohibitive. But in ancient times knew nothing about it. According to legend, it was such a bird of paradise milk to nurse their young. In order to get rid of pesky lovers, girls sent them in search of this unusual "product» .

Those went into the wild desert where alone were dying of thirst. Meanwhile, it was thought that those who try this rare beverage will be absolutely invulnerable for weapons and for any disease. Since then, the phrase has come to mean something incredible, unprecedented before and even impossible. That's such an unusual term, it was decided to call so popular nowadays sweetness. As for the sweets themselves, they first started producing in Poland in 1936. By the way, the recipe is the same as that of the marshmallow, but without the addition of eggs. In the 60s of the last century they began to produce in the USSR at the factory "Rot Front" and they are very fond of consumers. After a dozen years, it was decided to create a cake in the same recipe, which had the same name. Experts say that at that time, sweets were much tastier than now. Like it or not, we, alas, no longer know. See also: 8 facts about Kinder Surprise. Custom paint for food. Sweet lovers often look older than their years. How naspor know how many slices in orange?


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