5 ways to avoid aging of the skin in winter

1. Make a massage. Swelling under the eyes can be due to poor lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic massage - the most effective that you can come up with in this case. Make a series of neat, but tangible compressions: middle finger first on the upper eyelid, "walking" along the border of the eyebrow growth, then - on the bottom, focusing on the line of the eye sockets. Make about five such compressions at the top and bottom of the same amount, and then continue to move from the inner corner of the eye down the line nasolabial folds. And repeat it twice.

2.Ohlazhdenie edema. Cold procedure acts on swollen eyelids like a massage. Cold accelerates the movement of lymph and stimulates circulation. Try ordinary ice cube from the freezer. Procedure: apply it in turn - to one and then to another century for a minute.

3. Do not eat carbs at night. Carbohydrates retain fluid in the body. For example, 1 g of carbohydrate binds to 4 g of water. Eliminate the "fast" carbohydrates: sweets, pasta, rice, potatoes, bread. And the best thing to do dinner protein.

4. Conclusions excess water. Coffee, water with lemon, cranberry juice, chamomile tea has a diuretic effect. Also, excess water output fennel, celery, cucumber, eggplant, but milk and dairy products, according to some studies, by contrast, actively delayed fluid in the body. The conclusion is that in the morning to look good, no bags under the eyes, make an evening menu with these properties of beverages and foods.

5.Poteem. Any movement activates blood circulation and brings water through sweat, Let not locally, but even better. So, half an hour of running, Latin dance lesson or step aerobics in the morning - and kind of sleepy and bags under the eyes will be over.


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