Advice to those who are constantly feeling tired

 - If you constantly feel tired, even small changes in your diet and hectic lifestyle can make a difference for the better.
There is no need to follow all the advice at the same time, it can be boring and tedious. Try all methods and select the most appropriate in your case. So let's start.
1. Change your socks (stockings) during the day. You can not imagine how fresh you feel yourself. This is especially important advice for people who during the day a lot of walking on foot.
2. One you liked the song. If you listen to this song at full power, dance or sing to her, in other words, to break away, you have no idea how it will invigorate you.
3. Get rid of nasal congestion.
4. Understand with their internal clock.
You should know that while activity in your body falls in the middle of the morning and early evening, in the middle of the day naturally want to take a nap. Try to take this into account when performing important tasks and the timing of when to go to sleep.
5. Eat a piece of chocolate.
6. a little snack in the afternoon.
Thus the products must contain more protein and fiber and low sugar such:
 - Nut mixture;
 - Low-fat yogurt;
 - A mixture of nuts and dried fruits;
 - Batonchik muesli.
7. Arrange a coffee or tea break and have a little chat with colleagues or read something fun on the internet.
8. Eat lots of berries. They contain powerful antioxidants that energizes you.
9. Wear brighter things.
10. A little nap.
11. A little flirting with.
12. Light a scented stick.
13. Get up and go every day at the same time, including weekends.
14. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration causes weakness.
15. Properly use caffeine. Drink coffee on a regular basis and are not very many.
16. Avoid energy drinks. Flash hyperactivity leads to an outbreak of inactivity after the action of beverage passes.
17. Do not eat a lot of sweets. This refers to foods that contain simple sugars (candy, sugar, flour, potatoes). Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, fish, in general, those products, nutrients and glucose of which are absorbed more slowly and arrive in your body gradually without causing a decline in activity.
18. Eat foods rich in fiber. This fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread, beans, oatmeal, etc.
19. Eat enough vitamin C.
20. Citrus aromatherapy.
In addition, the citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, they smell charges us with energy, so keep in his left deodorants, soaps or shower gels with the scent of lemon, orange and grapefruit.


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