Why are cut hair, and what to do to avoid this?

With long hair, split ends are due primarily to the structure of the hair, which consists of several layers. The innermost layer is composed of keratin, and the outer layer, called the cuticle, it is necessary to protect the inner layer. Cuticle in turn is composed of several layers of cells that build on one another. Cuticle cell destruction leading to damage to the inner layer and the separation occurs keratin fibers. Even with proper care, as regrowth of hair cuticle cells wear out. Therefore, when long hair hair ends are cut, what to do is clear - to turn to the hairdresser and sostrich desired length. But before you remove split ends, should take into account other factors that lead to the destruction of the hair structure:
the impact of weather conditions. Hair must be protected from sunlight and, and by changes in temperature, and the cold and the rain. During the summer vacation should be aware that the sea water just causes destruction of the hair structure;
thermal effect. Hair dryer, hair iron, curling irons, curlers and other devices destroy the structure of the hair, and are not allowed in the care of split ends. If the use of these devices is necessary, must first be applied to the hair thermofilter serum;
mechanical damage. Wet hair is most vulnerable, so they can not rub vigorously with a towel, comb, tie tightly. Combing should avoid sudden movements. Comb also plays an important role - preferably use a brush with a few teeth from wood with dense structure, or quality massage brush with natural bristles;
improper care. Too frequent washing, use of substandard assets, leads to destruction of the structure of the hair. Perming, coloring just assume special care. It is important to ensure that the hair nutrition and protection, which should be a mandatory part of the care program.
How to get rid of split ends?
Caring for split ends involves a range of activities. The first step is sostrich split ends, otherwise the hair will be damaged along the whole length. Haircut hot scissors is one of the preventive methods. After this hairstyle hair ends are sealed to prevent their destruction. Next, you should pick up the means to care for the type of hair. If your hair is greasy at the roots and dry at the ends, is required to apply moisturizer regularly on the ends of her hair. Regular meals should be hair, protection, strengthening treatments, massage. Saturation of hair vitamins and minerals helps to strengthen hair structure, and it is therefore necessary to prevent cross-section of hair.


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