Clean brushes, sponges and applicators

• Always use a brush made of natural materials for the imposition of crumbly cosmetics and tools with an artificial pile of lipstick or liquid shadows.
• If you suffer from allergies - cosmetic brushes made of natural wool does not suit you. Artificial villi your brush should be soft and not scratch the face.

• The remaining after applying makeup makeup with brush must be removed with a damp cloth.

• It is not necessary to purchase a special liquid for washing cosmetic brushes. It can replace any mild shampoo without conditioner.

• Wash your makeup brushes need warm water and shampoo and two or three drops of an antiseptic, such as lavender oil or tea tree.

• Strongly rubbing and pressing the brush when washing is impossible. So they quickly lose their shape and begin to crumble. They need to be dried with a soft towel, gently smoothing before the villi.

• While the makeup brushes are completely dry you can not use them.

• Do not use someone else's makeup for makeup, whether it's a brush, sponge for foundation or shadow applicator. And she did not lend any of these things girlfriend, what healthy skin she would not be.

• All Makeup Brush Set to be updated annually. If you choose a suitable long tassels - buy two sets at once.

Any cosmetics without proper care can be a source of health problems. Do not be lazy to care for makeup brushes - take care of yourself and your beauty!


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