Brushes for a make-up will last forever if You use this trick. Phenomenal!

Makeup Brushes - an extremely favorable environment for bacteria. To maintain the beauty accessories in order, it is necessary at least once a week to carry out the cleaning procedure, which will help remove germs, dead skin particles and skin secretions from the villi. We offer you a simple trick!

The main trick when cleansing brushes
How to clean brushes makiyazhaTebe need
baby shampoo or soap with a neutral pH a clean sponge brush water paper napkin

This method is ideal for cleaning brushes made of synthetic fibers. Apply a drop of shampoo to clean the sponge, squeeze it to bring up a little foam.

Wipe the brush careful movements of the sponge until it is no longer leave traces of makeup.

Rinse the brush barely warm running water, making sure the moisture fell only on the villi.

Leave to dry brush on a paper napkin. If the brush has a special form - for example, a fan-shaped - Spread villi accordingly.

This provides an easy way to proper care for synthetic brushes. To save a brush made of natural fibers, it is advisable to cleanse the olive oil. Villi dip in oil, carefully wipe with a sponge brush, rinse under running water and dry it. Brush will last a long time, and after cleaning will be as good as new!

Remember, the skin depends on how carefully you clean makeup brushes! Share the secrets of cleanse cosmetic brushes with friends.



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