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Today summer came today was born the most sunny girl Old Hollywood - Marilyn Monroe. It so happened that in addition to the birthday this summer marks exactly 50 years since the death of the actress, which we all know, not only thanks to the information from the fan sites about Marilyn, but thanks to our VEV-have, because there are a lot of posts on Monroe . Today I do not want to rant about what a beautiful but unhappy was this woman, because that is clear as day, and I want to show you the rare photos of Marilyn and present excerpts from the last interview given a few days before her death - August 3, 1962 . Perhaps this you have not seen it yet ...

The actress, star and idol for centuries lit up the world around 9:30 am June 1, 1926. It appeared in the Los Angeles and then it is not called Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jeane Mortenson. Moreover, she was not blonde, and it has become over the years. Norma has completely changed myself, but the love for the world, which is legendary, Norma was the very first to the very last day of his life. It is said that the common people she treated cordially, and his true friends, and men loved totally and without reserve. Though no one until the end and did not say which was really Norma Jean, and what were the thoughts in her little head, it undeniably has lived an interesting and memorable life. Yet I still believe that spiritual kindness is reflected on the outer beauty of the person.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn! (it would be 86 years old ...)

Black-and-white photos:

"Sometimes throwing a coat and scarf, no makeup, I walk to the shops, just go out to see people. But sometimes, you know, there are some teenagers who recognize and begin to pursue. And I do not mind. I understand that some people want to see the real you, not the screen and covers. When they see me, their faces light up and, you know, for me it's a great honor »

"When I was five years old I began to think that someday I'll be an actress. I loved to play. I did not like the world around me, because it was kind of dark, but I loved playing in her room. The scope of my imagination went beyond the home. Some of my foster families, to get me out on the street name in the movie where I was ready to sit day and night. I loved to look closely at the screen, I did not miss even the smallest detail »

"When I was 11 years old, the whole world was closed to me. I just felt that was out of this world. But then everything changed. And even the girls started paying attention to me, because they thought, "Hmm, it will be on demand". I went to school two and a half miles round trip, but it was fun. The boys whistled, waved his hand to me and I to them. The world has become friendly »

"The moment when I felt that I really became famous, happened on the way to the airport. I saw a bright sign, a poster of the film where my name is highlighted by bright lights. I parked the car and said, "My God, someone probably made a mistake. It was all very strange to me, but in the studio I was told: "Remember, you're not a star!". Although thanks to the journalists, I realized that in fact I am the star. They were always there and very friendly. They said, "You're A Star" and I replied in surprise: "Star ???". Then they looked at me like I was crazy.

"I think that when you are famous every weakness is exaggerated yours. And you may not catch cold and get sick. Someone may be sick and stay at home, but the actor can not. You know, nobody feels worse than the one who is sick. I'm not an actress who appears in the studio just to maintain discipline. This discipline has nothing to do with art. No, I would like to be more disciplined in my work, but not in such cases. In the end, it's not a military school, and not a factory »

"That is due to the glory can be a burden. True beauty and femininity is timeless and can not be artificially created. I know what I say now is not like it much. She is attractive only if it is spontaneous and natural. For many it is too much hard. Thank God, we are all born with beautiful, sexy, just a pity that so many people lose and despise this natural gift »

"Glory to me this is something momentary, happiness does not last long. Glory can not live every day, it is really encouraging, but only temporarily. Known as caviar. It is certainly very tasty, but if you eat it every day, it is you quickly get bored »

"I never understood the concept of sex symbol. Sex symbol - it's just a thing, and I hate to be a thing. But if we are to be a symbol, a symbol of something better sex than anything else »

Color photo:

"When it comes to the end of what is coming and some relief. All points are placed, and you can breathe a sigh of relief - you've done it. However, it will have to start all over again. Now I live my work and relationships with some people. Sometimes the glory goes by, I always knew that she was not constant. But at least this is what I experienced, and this is not what I live "(MM)


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