330 euros for one and a half square meters

Housing prices in Kiev have long since become a byword. Of course, discuss all aspects of - and compliance with the price-quality, and the absolute size of the said prices, in principle, particularly in the light of real incomes. Well, this question is eternal and vechnoobsuzhdaemy. But add anything to the demand-supply equation, in general, can only my personal opinion and the emotional component.
But, once paid, then the formula works. Especially because there are far more egregious, so to speak, examples. Relatively recently wrote about Hong Kong "hostel", so to speak. By the way, to be honest thought much more perverted unlikely. There on the person receives closet about two and a half squares worth fifty dollars a month. Again, East. There really has its own laws. Cockroaches and other crickets.
But here is an example from the very center of the civilized world - Paris. Man for more than fifteen years rented a room (?) And a half square meters. Mattress, sink, stove. Not enough soap and rope. And pay for the joy of one hundred and thirty-Dominique euros per month. Well, of course, since this fact became known to him priatachili information that such cases are, unfortunately, there are also now being investigated. Inhuman conditions and blah blah blah.
I want to add a line from a joke: "And these people forbid me to pick your nose?ยป
Apologists for democracy and human rights, Elah, burns.
In the photo - for comparison - a dressing room of 3m2


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