Cozy hangar.

Abandoned hangars, warehouses and other non-residential premises are quite common in the suburbs of any major city. Landscape, they clearly do not animate. But such is the reality.
However, you can even go to such objects with fiction. Vozmlzhno even the guys from Melbourne took it as a challenge. Anyway, do not they first took up a similar project. There are even some design studio specializing in such facilities. In principle, it is quite understandable - enough volume niche in which you can turn around and thoroughly implement some ideas. Fortunately, the area of ​​objects allow.
In Melbourne the company turned out to make your project a light and airy without losing the necessary functionality. I do not know how anyone, but I liked it. And, say, a very thoughtful to keep an eye on the possibility of something like this in our Palestine. Especially because of this good enough here. But really unusual guaranteed. "Where do you live?" - "Yes hangar in the loft." No, really cool.
By the way, I saw a similar project of one of Kiev's design studios. Very impressive, I'll tell you. Level is quite appropriate.


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