Google wants to make the office in the Jets hangar

Jets giant-sized hangar north of the international airport of Los Angeles was built in 1943 by Hughes Aircraft for one of the largest aircraft in the world Hughes H -4 Hercules with a wingspan of 98 meters (by the way, this record is kept to this day).

Legendary building a new era was used in the filming of several movies, including "Independence Day" and "Transformers." But soon there can sleep peaceful jobs, computers, and thousands of employees of Google.

According to information from many sources, Google is about to open another office and is negotiating for the purchase of the Jets hangar, пишет WSJ.

Now the building belongs to the developer Ratkovich Co. This company had already rebuilt the old administrative buildings Hughes Aircraft for modern offices, which remove many famous IT companies, including employees working here YouTube.

Hangar consists of two sections of length of 230 meters. Here fit about 28,000 m 2 sup> office space. If the transaction is carried out, then Google will be able to make another unusual office building, which will be different from the dull business centers. Experience of such creativity is already there. For example, in California, not far in front of office building Google соорудили giant binoculars .

Jets from the hangar can do something even more grandiose.



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