Flashmob in metro

For the twelfth time in a row in the world goes a flashmob called "In the subway without pants." If you think that the pants and skirts clearly overestimated in its importance - you'll want to take part in this event.

In 2002, a team of activists Improv Everywhere in New York, it organized the first such action. Going into the subway without pants, participants pretended to know each other and answered questions about the passengers that they forgot them at home. Starting as a small prank seven guys, the event has grown to international proportions. Since then, the number of participants is growing. To date, tens of thousands of residents of 60 cities from 25 countries took to the street with no pants.

Unsuspecting passengers on planned actions merry, watching with surprise and incomprehension, furtively looking at half-naked passengers and photographing them to mobile phones. And those, in turn, continue to shock people.

If such actions previously attended only by men, but now women have decided not to lag behind and began privselyudno take off her clothes as men. There were even seen people of retirement age and military entity.

In particular, in New York, more than 4,000 participants traveled to six subway lines. The reaction of passengers you can see in the video, shown below. Even the January cold weather does not stop the fans have fun this way. The main goal - good fun and give yourself a smile to others.


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