White Chocolate

Did you know that the white chocolate - this is not chocolate? White chocolate consists of cocoa butter, milk powder and sugar. Each type of chocolate has basically a method of manufacture. However, the nuances of preparation will vary depending on the recipe, the quality and type of feedstock. Thus, the entire chocolate has the distinguishing characteristic cocoa flavor. Although a similar consistency, white chocolate is characterized, it pronounced sweet taste, which is far from cocoa flavor. According to experts, is because white chocolate - it does not shokolad.

"It does not contain cocoa itself, only its oil," - says Badar Diego (Diego Badaró), the owner of the chocolate factory. And that's the point: the recipe white chocolate does not imply the use of chocolate liquor extracted from cocoa. To create this applies only sweet cocoa butter obtained by pressing in. White chocolate can be called chocolate, along with the other if required, it contains at least 20 percent cocoa butter. However, many manufacturers when it comes to white chocolate to the mass market, use vegetable oil instead of cocoa oil, so there is such a significant difference in the taste. Some people who claim that they do not like white chocolate, never tried it the present. Real white chocolate has a rich creamy chocolate taste. In addition to 20 percent cocoa oil, the product must contain not less than 15 percent of milk powder and more than 55 percent sugar. See also: After 20 years, have to give up chocolate. Why is the last piece of chocolate tastes better? "Chocolate Wonderland" in Shanghai.

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