10 most sensual aphrodisiacs and their history

Oysters, avocado, chocolate, honey ... It is believed that some foods cause the passion and increase potency. Traditionally, eating them together in love. But every such product is its fascinating history.

1. Ustritsy

It is said that the famous lover Casanova ate every day for breakfast on 50 oysters, to prepare yourself for the day's work. Also Oysters have always been obligatory dish on the famous Roman orgies, not least the famous Roman doctors prescribed them as a cure for male impotence. One of the reasons why the oysters are associated with love - it's their lip-like shape. But it is also related to the reproductive cycle of these animals.

Oysters produce reproductive material flow directly into the water. There is a so-called external fertilization, but people have long believed their sexual giants. Before we learn how to breed oysters, they are closely linked with the Greek goddess of love and sexual desire Aphrodite. All shellfish were her sacred animals - according to legend, it originated in the clam shell. Pearl was considered a sacred stone of the goddess.

2. Avokado

Avocado adored Louis XIV, he believed that these fruits are beneficial to his libido. Avocados have a creamy, soft texture, and when you eat, there is a strange feeling. But the fruits of love they were not considered so.

Avocados hanging in the trees in pairs, and they are similar to a certain part of the male body. The Aztecs called the fruit «ahuacatl», which means "egg". When the Spaniards learned about the Aztec culture avocados already considered one of the fruits of love.

Later, the fruit spread to the north, and farmers began to sell it to the Americans. Those invented a new name for a fruit, which was easier to pronounce. In addition, it did not mean anything wrong. However, the previous alternate name for avocado, "crocodile pear", was no better than "eggs».

3. Mindal

At weddings can often see small candy with almonds. It is not just the taste, it's a tradition. Almonds are considered an aphrodisiac in ancient Greece: Greek couple received a blessing by means of almonds to their union was fruitful. And if an unmarried girl under the pillow kept almonds, its image was supposed to be in the thoughts of her future husband.

In Morocco, almond is used to convey good luck bride's future generations - it is presented to children after the wedding night the young. And in India, almonds give the representative of the opposite sex is to make quite clear proposal.

The relationship between fertility almonds and dates back to the Bible. Chapter 17: 1-8 Numbers book tells the story of the rods, these children of Israel. Aaron got the rod for the house of Levi, and he knew that his family will prosper if the rod will blossom, and it will grow almonds. Also almonds and mentioned elsewhere in the Old Testament, but the reproduction of at least a hint of plain text when God asked Jeremiah what he sees before him, he said he sees the fruits of the almond tree.

4. Granat


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