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Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conducted a new study to determine which countries are living the most open and ready to help the people around. To achieve this, the scientists conducted a series of experiments. In particular, the experts watched, ready to test whether the material voluntarily make a donation to charity, or how often they helped others during the past month. Selfless assistance were considered, for example, and such actions as going to the grocery store for the lonely elderly neighbor, help a blind man cross the road or teaching children to read. So, the five states with the good population entered the United States, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In particular, in the UK about 57% of the men and women who regularly acts for the benefit of others. The least the same number of people willing to help, was found in Greece. According to estimates of experts, to support the man who found himself in a difficult situation in this country are ready only 13% of the population. In such countries, such as Hungary, Turkey, Estonia and Portugal, but, on average, every fourth inhabitant of help to the needy. See also: Faithful dog owner waiting for the third year in the place of his death. 5 ways to motivate yourself during the day. 17 secrets of happiness.



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