What are the chemicals we consume every day? (6 photos)

Even the most experienced cook may not fully appreciate the quality of the product on the eye. In some cases, smell and color perform a function beautiful packaging that hides a questionable set of ingredients. The researchers tested some products, to find out where and under the guise of what may be hiding potential danger.

1. Bhutan

Universal gas is suitable not only for lighters. The food industry considers butane as an artificial antioxidant. The chemical element added to chicken nuggets to keep a fresh look. The dish, which in appearance looks like a freshly cooked, it can be podzapravleno butane.

Most often found in ready-made processed foods with long shelf life, such as frozen foods, crackers, chips and fast food.

2. Estrogen

Elevated levels of estrogen indicates the questionable origin of the product. The most common hormone produce meat and dairy cows. Estrogen causes the rapid development and growth, which significantly increases the yields and the number of meat products. Although the question "whether it is harmful" experts answer in the negative, to use such products in food, doctors strongly recommended.

3. Powder spinach

The composition of some pastry green or even a hint of it is only indirectly related to vegetable crops. As component mimicking foliage, dewatered and used here has no nutritional value spinach. The use of such products as useful as it is dust.

4. Propylene glycol or antifreeze


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