Cabbage soup and porridge

Alexander Engelhardt, an outstanding scientist, farmer and writer of the 19th century, wrote in his "12 letters from the villageĀ»:
"A peasant, the acid is an essential component of the food. No sour dishes for your lunch, not dinner. Acid makes up for the working man is not just a greater need than meat, and he would rather have soup with bacon than fresh soup with beef.
The absence of acid in the diet is reflected in the amount of work and health, and even on the moral state of the working people. When food troops in the campaigns of the war the question of soup, about sauerkraut, on acid, a question of paramount importance. "
Recall the traditional - "soup and porridge." On this diet, the Russian army showed miracles. However, with time the idea vulgarized.
In yesterday's Daily Mail newspaper the reader remembers his father, who served in the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk and Al-Alamein, and asks - what then fed?

Each battalion had a field kitchen with a stove on petrol, which prepared a variety of dishes. Meat and vegetables for the kitchen was delivered in large cans. In addition, the battalion quartermaster had the cash for local procurement of eggs, fruit or fresh vegetables. In the outdoor kitchen to bake their own bread.

At best hot food delivered in special bowls, if conditions allow. Sometimes good shifts departed for lunch at the near rear.

Often in combat conditions, given the daily rations, the so-called composite ration or, in abbreviated form, compo. These included dry foods - oatmeal powder dry, dry, dry soup and tea. Tea leaves was mixed with sugar and powdered milk.

Canned meats banks there were chicken, pork or beef. Soldering annexed opener and a few sheets of toilet paper.

Packed Lunches was a cardboard box measuring 7 by 5 inches (18 to 13 centimeters), inside of which invested instructions for making.

To heat water the soldiers were given a so-called Tommy cooker, tin tiles on dry alcohol. Water is heated in the cruets, in boiling water was added the dried product.

Usually eaten in pairs. A warmed and ready, the other stood guard.

The task of the battalion headquarters included the planning and delivery of rations and ammunition. In military science, logistics, delivery to the places of the soldiers' ration fighting was, and still is the main thing.

Mindful of the importance of instructions Engelhardt acid, I came up with the drink itself. The store in our neighborhood are selling sauerkraut in sealed plastic bags. I cut off a corner with scissors and squeeze the juice into a glass of cocktail.

If you have time, add ice. Any tastier "martini."


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