Architecture of the buildings in the movie The Diamond Arm (51 photos)

Films directed by Leonid Gaidai rightly are in the top of the best comedies in many polls of viewers. By the end of 1960 against the backdrop of "Operation" Y "" (1965) and "Caucasian captive" (1966) there is a new picture of "The Diamond Arm", which makes him even more resounding success. Today we talk about well-known buildings is successful comedy film of the USSR. Beautiful view of the Caspian Sea and the Azerbaijani capital on the Apsheron Peninsula.

Foreign tried to add, generously decorated with a variety of Baku street signs. Here you and Lampade-Radio, and Cafe's Scifo, and signage for some reason in Arabic (or Farsi), and even some ferreteria, that, according to "Wikipedia" has Spanish term for shops selling all sorts of instruments. Baku, however, betrays building in perspective of the street. This is perhaps the most famous landmark of the city - the so-called "Maiden Tower", a 30-meter building of the XII century, part of the defensive system of the old Baku.

The effect of all "foreign" episodes "Brilliant hands" occurs within Icheri Sheher, surrounded by fortress walls of several blocks of Baku's Old Town. This is the medieval walls of XII-XV centuries with characteristic teeth present in many frames. Often, a company it is one and the same foreign car - apparently with other samples of decaying capitalist automobile industry in the capital of Soviet Azerbaijan was tugovato.

Soviet seaside town, as well as its foreign antagonist, steeped in contrasts, directly in the film is not called. Shoot it Gaidai, in principle, who loved to work in the resorts, I decided in the main all-Union health resort - Sochi. Rousseau tourists, inexplicably received permission to leave the country, returning from a cruise others.

Very stylish modernist building of the Sochi remains, alas, an unidentified.

But on the Sochi residence permit Semen Semenycha Gorbunkova clearly shows the construction of the right in the next frame. This Naval Station.

Beautiful building in the monumental Stalinist style with a spire, a total height of 71 meters, designed by architects K. and L. Alabyanom dwarfs and built in 1955, during the Soviet era was a true symbol of Sochi. It really meets regularly residents and guests of the resort town, arriving here on a cruise and other ships.

Gorbunkova farewell scene with his family ("We bid farewell PAAAAAPU!") Was filmed on the main deep-water berths station.

Interior cabins "Mikhail Svetlov" - the characters are introduced. Play a major role in the second pair to Yuri Nikulin Gaidai invited then very little-known 27-year-old Andrei Mironov. The image of the mod-male model, in combination moonlighting smuggler who loves costumes with the tide, turtlenecks and hats, which is to be an accomplishment of any modern hipster finally glorified all over the country a future major Soviet movie stars.

Istanbul-Baku again and, mind you, all the same street as in the prologue, with the same signs and the same car. The weather has solar, and wander around the crowd of local residents. Fortunately, Azerbaijanis and look so exotic enough for the average citizen of the USSR, so the crew had to attend a dressing women in veils.

Gorbunkov photographs victuals attractions (of course, forgetting to remove the lens cap) of its "Change". In the background is seen the minaret of Juma mosque, one of several vintage (1899) mosques in Baku Icheri Sheher.

Is another street, but - that's striking - and there are Cafe's Scifo and advertising Lampade-Radio, and camels competition is finally found in the vast Azerbaijan SSR other foreign car.

On the streets of Icheri Sheher, in the long term - a fragment of the wall surrounding the old city of Baku. Approaching tsigel tsigel-ah-lu-lu.

Declared free time. Architectural background frame of the Shirvan Shahs Palace of the XV century. Hero Mironov, by the way, looks at gold Longines - own clock actor.

And here Geshey Kozodoeva already Baku Soviet. In the background is perfectly visible grandiose Stalinist administrative building of the first postwar decade.

The coloring of the eastern city.

With the advent of large Azerbaijan oil money this color (at least historical) markedly diminished in the city began to appear quite modern building would have done honor to any European country, but the courtyards of the old town, which are wandering heroes "Brilliant hands" in many respects 40 years after the film remain the same.

Is that added samostroya, and on the walls were foreign units such as air conditioners or satellite dishes.

We return to our Soviet homeland. "Mosfilm" in "Diamond Hand" unobtrusively touts new comedy Eldar Ryazanov.

So the family lived in a senior economist "Giprorybe." House - still relatively fresh Khrushev panel.

Windows stairwells filled popular in those years with glass.

It also Sochi, only non-touristic. Employees are numerous resorts, the service sector institutions, a senior economist in the design institutes, finally, smugglers also had to live somewhere.

Furnishings modest, but the TV is already available. All the interiors have been created in the halls of "Mosfilm".

And in the kitchen cupboard - open bottle of cognac and Georgian Hungarian conservative Globus.

In contrast to his new Gorbunkova sworn friend Nighthawks lives in an apartment filled with contemporary fixtures and decorated with numerous works of art, including an icon in the corner, designer styled village hut.

Under the icon stands a row of porcelain elephants. This episode and dedication Kozodoeva Orthodoxy is not too clear in the context of the picture, and not something that looks very intelligibly smuggling scheme by which a gang of adventurers risked freedom to bring in the USSR "gold and diamonds", "find" with them a treasure and to give 75 % of its value to the state. But this is only if you do not know about the censorship of the film fragment, which indicated that the smugglers were taken from the Union icons, share them in the "city of contrasts" on jewelry, imported yuvelirku back into the Union and there legalize proceeds from crime through the treasure.

An article about the "interesting finds" with closer study is a set of meaningless phrases like "Depreciation of fixed assets" and "Excited wet jumpers, hurrying to the trainer, stop in front of the trellis barrier" (?!).

Walking along Primorsky Boulevard Sochi.

Anna Sergeyevna. It is not clear that more mesmerizing in this picture: the construction of a black-and-white line or heroine Svetlana Svetlichnaya.

Show room Sochi fashion house. Summer suit combo "Universal-69".

"The Diamond Arm" - strikingly modern and uninhibited film, especially for 1968. Girls in mini bikini Svetlichnaya in a bathing suit and without it, the demonstration of two prostitutes: foreign and ours (ours, of course, steeper) - it is difficult to imagine how such a missed amoralku Party censors.

Semen Semenycha briefing held on the embankment of Sochi.

One of the key episodes film is set in a summer restaurant, "Weeping Willow". Local historians endeavor to convince the public that these scenes were shot in real Sochi restaurant, but nothing like the pavilion under the neon sign in left. Most likely, the interior of the "Weeping Willow" was created on a platform of "Mosfilm" in Moscow.

Restaurant summer, so large areas of glazing and growing right in the middle of the hall willow is not surprising.

Administrator in the popular restaurant Sochi - the endpoint on the path to success in this city.

The interior places widely used natural stone (or at least hint at it). Art directors are not too lazy even to create scenery open fire in the hall, in front of which "the boss" at the banquet talks about decision to buy, "according to the advice of friends," car "Moskvich" latest model.

The architecture of this building, unfortunately, different marginal utility. The filmmakers have complied with the accuracy of the "Weeping Willow" declared restaurant years, respectively, without their own bathrooms.

Foreign sailors and some suspect may also port the way the girl sharing a bottle Romanian (!) Champagne Zarea. Elements of the sweet life.

Hotel "Atlantic", which came Gorbunkov buy female gown with pearl buttons.

In the role does not exist in Sochi hotel acted hotel "Horizon" in the Afternoon, in which she lived and crew "Brilliant hands" while working on the film.

"Atlantic" - "Horizon" flashes on the frame just before a key scene from the robe. It is located behind gorbunkovskoy "Volga" was the same "dvuhkoechny cipher."

Interior of the room - "Mosfilm".

Rich environment for Soviet hotels, even in the main resort of the vast country.

So "Horizon" looked in its heyday, in 1979.

Perpendicular to the residential housing was built two-storey volume with a restaurant "Surf" and ice cream parlor. You can find the claim that it is a "profit" shot "weeping willow", but this is obviously not the case.

Alas, the historical Sochi hotel, familiar to tens of millions of moviegoers one of the most popular films of the Soviet cinema in the 2000s, was bought by some individuals and almost completely demolished, with no chance for new construction.

So storey hotel ruins "Atlantic" nest amoralki and sweet life, and are silent reproach of human carelessness in anticipation of the 2014 Olympics.



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