On the men's compassion

I have long promised to write this article. But it's very, very hard to do. I write her a third time. There are topics that need to be discussed, but lifting - how to raise long-adhering thick layer of mud. It is difficult, but it must be done. So. On the men's compassion.

Of course, compassion is the most difficult aspect of the male way. It is this aspect of consciousness separates man from beast-man-man. Women have a different energy - by its very nature unites and they never come into such a powerful contradiction with his soul. Example. Great Dr. Niphon Dolgopolov in one of the conference were asked to leave the supporters and opponents of the death penalty as punishment for criminals. What happened after that was amazing and revealing at the same time. The number of opponents gathered only women - there was not a single man. The number of supporters gathered only men wormed there are only two women. Suddenly the discussion turned into a confrontation between men and women. Women's arguments were indisputable: "You first take out someone to give birth to it, and then kill." It turned out that it is nothing to say, and the two women from the male side. They had their children.

Adult male power-beast cruelly divided by its nature to the point until it awakens man's heart. This awakening is always accompanied by the ability to feel the pain of other living beings as their own. If you want to - it's the inevitable cost, the price of the ability to love as a person. The young man at this moment is very much in need of support and empathy, because the more he allows his heart to wake up, the more universal the pain he faces. He is at this time is clearly not up to the study of physics or history, because of how will this all depends on the initiation of his fate. I remember when my son came home from school asked: "Daddy, why when I hit someone, I hurt myself here?" - He said, and put his hand to the middle of the chest. "My son grow up!"

Many boys met with the pain of compassion to go to avoid this process further. Since the band of human perception is really a lot of pain. A lot of pain. Without going through this initiation, they either become adult males, cut himself off from his heart, or cut themselves off from their animal energy - the eternal child.

Dare to be compassionate man loses the capacity for violence, and in some ways is helpless and paralyzed, because discovers that move their own physical pain, and even death is easier than to go through the pain of soul. An example from the world cinema - the protagonist of the film "The Green Mile" clearly has the ability to protect themselves and be free, in fact, he was offered such an exemption. But he refused it. "I'm tired," - said the main character, and preferred to kill him. This is the story unfinished initiation. Historians describe the Vietnam War, many machine shops that American soldiers marching into battle, found full of ammunition. Soldier hippies preferred to meet the enemy bullet than shoot himself. In the vastness of the Internet is haunting story of matador who failed to kill the bull, who refused to attack the matador, just stood there and looked him in the eye. And the matador surrendered. Examples are many. What is cowardice, or mental strength?

A man walking in the awakening of his compassion is still helpless because before his heart awaken love and wisdom in the mind it can voznirknut desire to help suffering from some of the actions of pity. "Having found in his heart unyielding desire to know, I step on the Great Way and the only thing I fear is, so is the help of compassion" - said the sage Lao Tzu many thousands of years ago. This is one of my favorite sayings of Lao Tzu. "Help fool - a terrible enemy," - told my dad about the same. One of pitying disease - a syndrome revolutionary. This serious illness, obsessed with this illness will inevitably increase the number of sufferers in this world. All the fighters for freedom and equality will inevitably build new prisons and scaffolds. No less difficult disease philanthropist as the abyss of human ignorance, like a black hole is able to absorb an unlimited amount of money and energy. Only loving, wise way to help environmentally-ruthlessly.

I already wrote about that form of intrapersonal relations coincides with the form of interpersonal. It's the law. As in - and outside. Source suffering that torments the heart of man-awakening a person is not in the external world. At this point the beast and human learning to interact inside the man. And if the universe is initiated in his compassion, he agrees with him, live it, it reveals that all great love is awakened in his heart. Having tamed the beast's own man-man begins to respect the difficulty of this process in others. He discovers that the only thing which he by and large can help this world - love it in his heart and soul. What is the most effective and meaningful remedy. All the rest of the evil one. Because the wise ancient peoples of this planet do not intervene actively in the process of growing up "civilized" people. Each culture goes this way or die.

Along with the ruthless love awakens wisdom as the understanding that the suffering in this world is an unavoidable aspect of growing consciousness. Looking at the conflict of their children, I found that there is no way to save them from meeting with the mental and physical pain, and that I can protect them from the pain as best they could, but they will inevitably meet with her. And the only thing in the long run I can do for them is to love, empathy and support them in their pain and to share their wisdom. I have already described, in his book "The cure for the disease," the consequences of my violent attempts to interfere in their children. Pain and suffering became more. So they taught me wisdom. In families where one child parents and children have nowhere to learn this.

I often repeat the phrase in its publications Bert Hellinger: "In this world there are no criminals, there are only victims." Any society, in the belief that if the punishment and defeat all the "bad", "good" will be easier to live - behave insanely. Awakening compassion - an absolutely natural part of growing up male. Naturally, nature creates crime prevention. Any culture, which is not paid attention to the development of compassion compelled to fight crime. Any modern state is in an insoluble contradiction: the state needs men and men need male offenders. But in those and other must sleep compassion. How to distinguish one from the other, but to the style of clothing? The whole Internet is full facial expressions of riot police during the crackdown. They are confused.

My childhood friend, who served three years in DSHB in Afghanistan, two weeks after his return went to prison. While in detention, he received two additional life. It was the Soviet Rimbaud. So the guy died in the prime of his young strength. Lived in Afghanistan - was killed in the scoop. The system that created it - his own and killed.

I had at one time as a therapist to work a lot with a few psychosomatic diseases of former soldiers in Afghanistan. "There is no forgiveness of us, after all we have done," - said one of them. He ceased to identify himself as a soldier and began to perceive themselves criminal. Those who met me - passed their reabilatatsiyu, and how many of them left, ranivshih themselves that war? Their pain is still filled with the biosphere and in need of healing.

We once did research on the basic issue of the Slavs as an ethnic group. It looked that the main nation-wide disease, which affects the people: it is not accepted to respect those who do not need to be afraid. The consequences of this disease a lot of public. One of the key: in Slavic culture is not accepted to hear the wise, decided to hear the strong. The proud of modern Russia? "But on the other hand we have the best weapon." Christians.

In this world, there can be soulless and heartless mercenaries. Just as there can not be a soulless and heartless rulers. The fact that a male soldier or the governor is not in contact with these aspects of your consciousness does not mean that his soul does not hurt and that the pain is not splashed into the biosphere, and sooner or later engulf him. Stone Heart will inevitably need coronary bypass surgery. Heart disease - the main cause of death in the "civilized" world. That's strange, why would it? Probably from poor nutrition.

A woman is granted the ability to cultivate in men certain aspects of consciousness. The fact that it supports his energy - and then develops on this planet. If a woman comes into contact with his soul, she can not cultivate and maintain animal aspects in a man. Moreover it was her spiritual energy forces awaken the hearts of men. Beauty and the Beast - a traditional attraction. Eros and Thanatos. I already wrote about that in my experience, women are the first to wake up. But women scared and alone go to his own awakening, when everyone is sleeping around. If women do not do it - men never wake up.

There is no difference between epidemics and disasters. Liz Bourbeau one of the masters of the civilized world, unveiled that the destructive energy that reveals a person, are a reflection of the internal energy of the planet. We are inextricably linked to the Earth in the national energy system. The task of man is not cut yourself off from this vital energy, not to suppress them by the apparatus of violence against violence. And in both cases, these energies begin to manifest themselves in the form of natural disasters: the planetary psychosomatic medicine, which is hard to believe that in a civilized scientists, although this relationship has always been known to the ancient peoples. The task of man to transform the energy of love. Moreover, it is the natural desire of each of us. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

Pura Vida. With all my love. Vyacheslav Gusev. idi.in.ua/

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Below I give Ikaros ancient tribe Shuar people. My personal record.

The content of the song about the following:

We are all children of the same universe, and we have nothing to share with each other. We are all brothers, and we have only one Earth at all, we should learn to live in it peacefully. When there is a conflict between us, this is a misunderstanding, we call upon the great teachers of different tribes (listed tribes) to come in and help resolve the conflict. We call on the mother earth and father sky come and help solve this koflikt, we call the forces of Nature come in and help resolve the conflict.

Chorus of the song the following:

The tribe, the tribe - come to us from the cradle.

This song is a few thousand years, and we still can not come out of its cradle. Technologies. The space summer. Understand own minds have not learned. Thousands of years of fighting with its own shadow. Barbara. When people who consider themselves civilized, in case of conflict, fight, instead of calling the great teachers - it's weird.

Tradition tells that when the early Christians were thrown to be devoured by predators - predators began to defend them. My close friend said that the animals of the world are lacking in the love of God, they need it. And only a person can perform a conductor such love. Kevin Richardson is one such example.

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