As a good marriage

Today recognized as sisters girlfriend married. Wanted her coconut. She bought him cornered home and began to open. Hour open, two open, nothing happens. And she lived on the 5th floor, the bottom was asphalt parking. She decided to lose a coconut down to the crash. Wait when it gets dark, and no one on the street will not. Parking is illuminated. Just in case I took a piece of paper and wrote it not "Coconut not eat," and laid down on the asphalt. Rose, and with all the dope tossed with coconut window. When down, on the pavement next to the "Notes" sitting guy shell-shocked, but in the consciousness that it was in the hands of udivitelno.A coconut. WHOLE. Girlfriend ran in nightie, almost in the buff, frightened calls at 03, goes with him to the hospital. Since they were introduced. With the words "husband": "I'm going home, not bothering anyone, I see a leaf on the pavement, I come read" do not eat coconut ", stop and look around. Anyone. I stood for a moment, and I hear the whistle of a top. And then in a daze. When he came to, was already married. "And now they have coconut in the sideboard stands. WHOLE.


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