Olympics: Day twelve

On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, it was drawn as many as five sets of awards. It is gratifying that the Russians have added some medal for his country. Gold of Vancouver won the Russian biathletes.

Silver in the same women's team race 4h7.5 despite two penalty loops Marie Doran (Marie Dorin), won the French.

A bronze went to the German team. According to experts, to Germans had to settle for third place due to the absence in the quartet Magdalena Neuner (Magdalena Neuner).

Silver medal at the distance of 10 000 m. Won the skater from Khabarovsk - Ivan Skobrev. Earlier, the athlete has won gold at the shorter distance.

And he excelled in this race another Olympic champion - the athlete from South Korea Lee Seong-Hoon (Lee Seung-Hoon).

In the nordic combined in the first place was the team of Austria.

The second came the Americans, and the bronze was in a piggy bank against Germany.

In giant slalom men were not equal Carlo Janka (Carlo Janka).

Silver and Bronze at the Norwegian skiers Kjetil jansrud (Kjetil Jansrud) and Aksel Lund Svindal (Aksel Lund Svindal).

And at the Norwegian Olympic team added a silver Olympics - 2010. He was the owner of Hedda Berntsen (Hedda Berntsen).

Gold in the same freestyle won the Canadian Ashley McIvor (Ashleigh Mcivor).

In hockey tournament a little disappointed Belarusians who lost the right to speak in the quarter is not the strongest opponent - against Switzerland.


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