CAKE "pigeon milk" without baking

 - 30 g of gelatin
 - 4 tablespoons sugar
 - 4 tablespoons cocoa
 - 1 cup milk
 - 400 g sour cream
 - 250 g mascarpone
 - 150 ml low-fat cream
 - 1 cup of sugar


Pour a glass of cold water 10 g of gelatin to the chocolate layer. Let it brew. Stir sugar (4 tablespoons) and cocoa powder (4 tablespoons, I took Nesquik).

When the gelatin swell, add the sugar and cocoa. To warm to dissolve gelatin. Pour into prepared pan (greased). I in the form of a silicone ring. Put in the freezer to frozen mixture minutes 20-30.

Gelatin (20 g) pour 1 cup of cold milk. We reserve the gelatin swell. Sour cream, mascarpone, cream and low-fat 1 cup sugar beat until thick.

Warms swollen gelatin in milk and pour into a container with breast mass, without turning off the mixer and beat until complete mixing. Leave for 10 minutes to cool down the mass.
We take out of the freezer to form a frozen chocolate layer. Pour on top of the white layer. Put in refrigerator to complete solidification. I put for the night.

Form turn over and start evert cake "Bird's milk" comes out of it well.


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