Answers to the question - why? (6 photos)

Just know it is impossible, even Vesserman this can not boast.
Therefore, throughout life, we often ask, ask questions, are interested in, we learn.
Now you have become a little smarter.

Why is the speed of the sea measured in knots?

To determine longitude, ancient mariners was calculated how far they sailed over a certain period of time. To do this, they used a special device - "lag". It was an ordinary timber, which tied the rope. Lag thrown overboard from the stern of the ship, and waited rope stretches.

At regular intervals throughout the length of the rope are tied nodes. Sailor, dropping the rope, count how many nodes have passed through his hands for some time. So was calculated speed of the ship. Sailors began to use the word "node" to indicate the speed of the vessel.

Nowadays, the node is equal to one nautical mile per hour, and nautical mile - is 1852 meters - a little more than a land mile. Suppose the ship sails at a speed of 15 knots. This means that it floats at 15 nautical miles per hour (or 28 kilometers) per hour.

Why a New York cop became a "star»?

New York police in a few days was the "star" of the Internet simply because regretted homeless and gave him a warm winter shoes and socks. This story saw tourist Jennifer Foster; she took off the moment of transfer gift tramp seen and described her case in the network. Later, the story and the photo came to the police department, and have been published on their page on Facebook.

According to tourists, November 14 she was walking with her husband on Times Square. Near one of the shops sat barefoot tramp with torn trousers and asked passers-fines. The girl decided to share with coins homeless, when he suddenly saw a police officer, giving the boots and socks this lonely, shivering with cold man.

Generous police officer Larry Deprima decided to go to the nearest store and bought Skechers there for $ 75 a couple of warm boots size 12 and two pairs of wool socks. He then returned to the homeless, and sitting down, put him on his knees gift. "Let's put them on you" - calmly suggested Deprima. He helped put shoes on the stroller, then got up and walked away, not knowing that it was shot on camera.

As the store manager Skechers Jose Cano, tramp was surprised unexpected gesture representative of law and order. "His face broke into a smile from ear to ear, as if he was given a million dollars", - he added. Cano did discount the police, reducing the price to $ 75, to know who designed these things. Check the purchase he still keeps in his pocket in memory of this wonderful event.

Why is sea water salty?

Scientists suggest that during the formation of the Earth's crust and mantle of the ocean along with water vapor allocated acidic volcanic fumes containing chlorine, fluorine, bromine. The first "batch" of water on Earth were acidic. This is the primary water destroyed the newly formed basalt, granite and other crystalline rocks of the crust and extract alkaline - sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and others. A chemical reaction in which the elements included in the alkaline compound with chlorine, fluorine, bromine, and the solution was neutralized.


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