Unusual facts of everyday life

The case of Peter Jarvis (Peter Jarvis) and Gethin Vogon (Gethin Vaughan) dies. Therefore, we are pleased to continue to acquaint you with the project and donate another batch of unusual facts.

Facts sometimes make us think, and sometimes even to draw conclusions. However, we will just have to surprise and amuse.

Buddhist monks sleep upright.

Cute Hippo kill people more often than any other African mammal.

In the human body there is nothing stronger than the teeth.

In order to highlight the energy needed to heat a cup of coffee, you have to scream 8 years, 7 months and 6 days.

Average statistical human heart for life makes about three billion beats.

Mum writer Oscar Wilde as a child regularly wore his son in a dress.

Cows sweat nose. Imagine how they pursued the smell of sweat?

Newborn baby kangaroo quite fit in a teaspoon.

The legendary "beetle» Beetle - the idea of ​​Hitler. He wanted to create affordable "people's" car.

The longest title of the book consists of a 670-year-words.

American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, during his time on the Moon, left a copy of the magazine Playboy.

Snails, slugs and others, like beer :)

McDonalds - the world's largest distributor of children's toys.

If a person is identified by fingerprints, the dogs - Fingerprint nose.

The oldest dog in the world has died at the age of 29 years.

If you do not like horror as cook, then you can mageyrokofobiya - fear of cooking?

Initially, the yo-yo was not a toy, and weapons.

Red - the most popular in the national flags of the world.

All the planets in the solar system rotate anticlockwise, except Venus.

Koala sleeps in a day about 22 hours. When they eat and reproduce?

Blue eyes are more sensitive to light.


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