Liver "Beauty of the East"

This recipe is recommended for everybody, very gentle and delicate taste that resembles the Far East ... At first glance, it seems that a part of this dish the meat, not the liver. In my opinion this is the most successful recipe of this byproduct. I have this dish will be a frequent visitor in the kitchen, and I hope you do too.

For the preparation we need
1 kg of liver;
3 onions;
6 cloves of garlic;
3st.l starch;
70 g of vegetable oil;
1 tbsp paprika;
1 tbsp salt;

For the sauce:
120gr of boiled water;
8st.l soy sauce;
4st.l honey;
3 tbsp tomato paste;

.Pechen Cut into pieces a la carte and repel as chops. Then cut into long stripes. If you have a chicken liver like me, then it should not be to beat.
Liver sprinkle starch, paprika, salt, garlic, squeezing and add vegetable oil. Stir and leave for 20 minutes.
When the liver marinate, fry it from all sides in vegetable oil.
Then add the onions. Onions cut into half rings recommend, but since I have a family onions should be carefully concealed, I cut smaller.
Until the onions roasted we prepare the sauce.
Mix the soy sauce, honey and tomato paste.
Fill the resulting mass of boiling water and stir.
Pour sauce liver and simmer for 7-10 minutes under the lid closed.

Our main dish is ready. Serve with your favorite side dish. I like the combination of noodles or mashed potatoes.


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