The main riddle of the body sits on the right side

One of the major mysteries of our body is sitting in the right side. Liver - a stove body. It burns fat, otaplivaya us. And the stove can burn from excessive drinking and overeating. But it is - and it's a miracle - like no other body is able to recover almost from the ashes.

Mnogostanochnitsa in a stupor

It is hard to imagine how much the liver performs a variety of functions. She is involved in more than 500 different reactions. Filters and stores blood hemoglobin, vitamins and sugar. Neutralizes produces many hormones and blood coagulation factors. Without respite manufactures bile - up to one liter per day. This allows you to break down and digest fats contained in the food.

It is hard to imagine how much the liver performs a variety of functions. She is involved in more than 500 different reactions. Filters and stores blood hemoglobin, vitamins and sugar. Neutralizes produces many hormones and blood coagulation factors. Without respite manufactures bile - up to one liter per day. This allows you to break down and digest fats contained in the food.

Heats blood otaplivaya thus all the remote corners of the body. Bears Border Guard Service - protects the body from toxic and unwanted intrusions. Stop her work - and a few hours later a man will die from serious poisoning.

But if the liver performs many different jobs, and it can suffer from a variety of reasons. And the first of them - a lack of discipline. Imagine the manager, who also monitors a variety of technical processes. The success of this operation depends on the accuracy and clarity of action. But if you start to distract him by phone calls, turning on the TV, offer a cup of tea and whip partiyku checkers? After half an hour of the bedlam he just zaporet all you can screw up.

And we are a workaholic, liver straining as we can. That overload greasy food. That fill with alcohol. That strike stress. It is plagued by hunger ... And then we are surprised that the "liver junk».

The era of stagnation

Most often suffer from liver disorderly and malnutrition. Excess fat, sweet, fried, lead to violations of the biliary dyskinesia. Simply put, the bile produced by the liver will not when it is necessary for proper digestion and chaotic. Because of this it will stagnate in the gallbladder. Due to the stagnation it will pebbles. Because the activity of the liver and other decreases. The cells begin to regenerate it, and come complete fibrosis - one of the most dangerous diseases of the liver.

Another option - if you overload the liver by different harmful substances. And it's not just alcohol. It could be drugs that you take the time. And all kinds of paints, varnishes, glue, gasoline and other fuels, which you inhale occupational or life. And that smoke your. And toxins that can be produced in the gut or get sick from the food. These effects lead to inflammation - hepatitis and even cirrhosis, another tragic end to the liver.

Not to mention the special "fighters" who precisely destroy the liver, - different types of viral hepatitis, and other non-specific viruses. After all, they destroy the cells in our body, and filter these decomposition products again accounted liver.

It is surprising that with all this, the liver is almost not signaling SOS, that is, it does not hurt. There is almost no nerve endings. If you experience discomfort in the right upper quadrant, so it hurts accident gallbladder. And if it hurts, it is necessary to drink Nospanum and run to the gastroenterologist. Maybe we can save this very bubble without operation. After all, he too needs.

Zhirtrest backyard

Silent liver and when it begins the sad process of obesity. First, in its cells simply accumulates excess fat from the food that the liver does not have time to break down and recycle. Then place in the cells is not enough, and the fat is stored in the intercellular space.

Very often, this process occurs in people who are overweight - at two out of every three. Then, the liver becomes inflamed, increases in size, it appears the scars. Naturally, it works normally it can not.

Simultaneously, increased levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, may develop Type II diabetes.

Long flowing fatty liver can also develop cirrhosis - a disease deadly and without alcohol.

The liver calm down?

Nothing new doctors, and here we do not offer. The liver loves order and moderation in all things.
Observe the mode of the day, especially diet.
Do not overeat, eat better than 4-5 times a day slowly than once like a boa constrictor.
Do not get carried away fatty foods, animal fat substitute vegetable. The daily rate for the modern city dweller fat - not more than 80 g (with all the fat in sausages, pates, salads and used for cooking, bread, etc.).
Sweets often substitute fruit, dried fruit, honey. Butter cakes - wholemeal bread, crackers. Potatoes and cereals - vegetables.
Try to eat regularly, at the same time.
Do not eat at night, the last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime.
Do not forget about dairy products, it is best with a reduced fat content.
Use hepatoprotectors-drug, that is, those that help the liver to work and protect its cells.

Dry fatal

In recent years, many publications and TV programs popularizing folk and psevdonarodnye medicine, in every way touted methods of "cleansing the liver." Unfortunately, doctors do not keep statistics of the victims of this initiative. But talk about the tragic end of the struggle for purity regularly.

The reason is that tyubazh (so called procedure for the expulsion of bile from the gallbladder, not the liver) can be done only after medical examination and only under medical supervision. Assign tyubazh patients with biliary dyskinesia or atony ("laziness") gallbladder. But if you have gallbladder stones, such a procedure can evict them from their seats. A large stone can block the way for the outflow of bile - arise acute inflammation, severe pain, and without the operation of such a patient can die easily.

Tyubazh offer in their programs of rehabilitation and expensive spa, and many motels. Here, it would seem, and the doctors there, and necessary diagnostic equipment available. But here there is the proportion of guile. The fact that tyubazh effective in the long course - 10-15 procedures in a few months. And those 2-3 sessions, which can be taken in the sanatorium, or a single procedure in the SPA will not give absolutely nothing. So, another relatively fair way to facilitate the client's wallet.

A competent doctors and did believe that tyubazh not needed. Instead, you need to adjust your diet and lifestyle. And the work of the gallbladder and liver will return to normal by itself.

Militant and boiling

In Tibetan medicine, people are divided on the constitution on the types, corresponding to the three first principles-doshas: wind, bile and mucus. People differ in the constitution of Bile sharp and resolute mind, courage, initiative. They are always warm, so they do not like the heat in the room prefer to open the windows.

Differ good appetite, can not tolerate hunger. If you are hungry, there are irritable, picky, are angry. They better not fall under the hot hand. If your boss or spouse belongs to this type, before addressing any problems, it should be fed, advise the Tibetan sages.

Anatomically, the constitution binds bile in the representation of Tibetan doctors from the liver and gallbladder, so the people of this constitution more than others prone to such diseases. An excess of bile is produced by poor lifestyle choices.

He makes all the positive qualities of character in the negative: ambition - ambition in the criticality - in intolerance, determination - in stubbornness, persistence - in brutality, humor - sarcasm. This is the nature of bile.

Bile causes changes in the body: such people are turning gray or bald early, the skin turns yellow, there sweating, rashes on the face and body.

Tibetan Medicine recommends them to give up "of Yang" food - beef, fat, just a hot, spicy, fried, and go to the "Yin" - cool and fresh: there are fish, seafood, pork, cereals, fruit.

Every second

In 2007 it conducted a large epidemiological study of the health of the liver among Russians. It was attended by more than 30 thousand people from 28 major cities.
Overweight doctors found in 42% of patients.
Every second liver disease were identified.
Every fourth - fatty liver.
Every fifth - alcoholic liver damage.


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