This product is a secret weapon against serious diseases! Cook once a week.

From now on disregard of offal — a bad tone. Knowing only about a tenth of the useful qualities of the usual chicken liver, I immediately made it. After 20 minutes of mouth-watering dish like magic on the table!

It turns out that the best way to increase hemoglobin in the blood , consume chicken liver, because there are so many iron. One of the reasons why you cannot lose weight people with an impressive excess weight is lack of iron in your blood! In addition, the liver is low in calories: only 137 calories in 100 g All who are on a diet, it is recommended to eat.

How useful chicken pecentage I've never cooked chicken liver, once in the family it is not respected. But it was a favorite of my cat! He enthusiastically stuffed and looked pleased. Shiny mustache, wool in excellent condition, agility, and vitality — all talked about the fact that this food is great for him.

The value of chicken liver is huge, because it is extremely easy to digest, quickly reinforcing the body with useful substances! No wonder patients in the postoperative period, with large losses of blood, definitely recommend to use it.

Chicken liver is a net benefit! Vitamins a, C, B6 and B12, folic acid present in its composition. Copper, zinc, calcium, manganese, iron, chromium trace elements, without which the body cannot do, are also contained in this wonderful product. Not food and treatment!

Incredibly useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system is the liver: heparin in the composition normalizes blood clotting and is a good prevention of myocardial infarction. Lysine , a substance that inhibits the formation of atherosclerosis, is also here. Also recent research scientists say that the liver has anti-cancer properties.

Here's how to cook chicken liver fast and delicious! Choosing the liver, pay attention to its smoothness, elasticity and Shine. Never buy a product with bright spots is a sign that the liver spent a long time in the freezer!

Chicken liver you need to immediately cook and eat, do not leave it for tomorrow. Cooked dish in no case should clearly bitter: this is a bad sign, indicating poor quality of the product.

Also turns out delicious pate of chicken liver, definitely try to cook. Share this information, they may underestimate an exceptional product!

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Alexander Klimchuk Since childhood, interested in medicine, grew up in a family of doctors. Knows how to make a fancy Breakfast out of nothing, is not afraid to experiment in the kitchen, making pies without flour, low-fat mayonnaise, healthy sweets. Never give up and believes that people are created to help each other! In all its domestic Affairs the assistant to the son Sasha. Alexandra's favorite book — "the Art of loving" by E. Fromm.


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