This is what lies behind the door of a usual Kiev flats. How is this possible?!

The condition and appearance of the greater part of the entrance of the apartment building town houses leave much to be desired...

Pensioner Vladimir Chaika did not wait for benefits from the local authorities and took matters into their own hands. For several years the stairwells and landings are typical of Kiev 9-etazhki began to resemble a Palace!

Beautiful podjestedi along the stairs, a man adorned with ornaments and portraits in gilded frames. To obesity can see such beauty!

The pensioner declares his love for architecture and painting XVII–XVIII centuries and have long wanted to create something that others do not.

All the decorative elements and stucco he made himself, but gilding is normal paint.

Master worked on his brainchild for 15 years, and the ceiling to bring it to the desired form, even remade 4 times.

Vladimir says that the elevation of the entrance — it's his hobby, during this lesson, he forgets about all the troubles and gets extraordinary pleasure from what brings joy to others.

Unusually the entrance is decorated with even lift!

Residents like the passion of their neighbor: nice when is clean and beautiful!

That's certainly an example of what is not difficult to put in order the entrance, along the way, decorating it as features. Is wanted. It is a pity that there are so few active people...

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The author

Marina Artemova Loves to photograph the beauty of nature, enjoys handmade. Son Vanya had taught the mother to cope with any household tasks effortlessly: Marina knows how to get the most stubborn stains and to clean the house in minutes. Interested in the most acute, various life issues, never remain aloof from what actually matters! Favorite book Marina — "gone with the wind" by M. Mitchell.


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