Linguini noodles with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, arugula and lemon

Cherry tomatoes - 500 g
Olive Oil - 50 ml
Garlic - 3 cloves
Lemon peel - 2 teaspoons
Mushrooms - 300 g
Linguini noodles - 210g
Freshly squeezed lemon juice - 50 ml
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper - to taste
Arugula - 150 g
Solid grated cheese (Parmesan, for example)

Oven heat to 150C. Wash and cut in half the tomatoes, season with salt good about serdcheviny, place them on a baking paper to the laid vypechki.Vypekayte in the oven for about an hour until the tomatoes are lightly dry and halved in size.

In a frying pan, heat a small or medium heat olive oil to the same lay out 1 teaspoon zest and black pepper, squeeze garlic. Fry the sliced ​​mushrooms, stirring occasionally, until tender (about 4 minutes).
At this time, boil the noodles al dente in salted water (11-12 minutes, or according to the instructions).
Wash and pat dry with paper towels arugula. Put it in a large heat-resistant dish.
Drain the pasta, leaving a ½ cup of water in which it is boiled.
Go back into the pan (put on a small fire) pasta, cooked tomatoes and mushrooms, squeeze the lemon juice, add an additional 1 teaspoon zest. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly until all ingredients are warmed. Pour a little liquid remaining after cooking pasta.
Put the cooked pasta with all ingredients on a bed of arugula. After a couple of minutes Mix all together - pasta and arugula.
Serve portions with a large number of grated cheese. In addition salt.


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