Hiking in the Chinese supermarket (104 photos)

Today, New York is home to the largest number of immigrants from China, outside of Asia, they are here, there are almost 700 000 people. Therefore, it is not surprising that the city has as many as six full Chinatown, the largest of which are located in Manhattan, in Queens and Brooklyn. Just in Brooklyn Chinatown, and today I went.

If in Brownsville I was the only white among black, then I was the only white among many Chinese. Around it was heard only the Chinese language, selling only Chinese products, and the restaurant serves only Chinese food. From all this, I can not help the impression that I am not in New York City, and in some Shanghai. The district is so flavor, that deserves a separate detailed post. Today, I only show you what is on the shelves of supermarkets and the ordinary Chinese will try to write about what I know about these products. And I know very little about them. More precisely almost anything. Neither it, nor how it is prepared, and the more there is. I even had the impression that I got out of the dense forest and the first time in his life came in the shop. Standing, cool head and do not understand what is happening around. Well, you'll understand. See photos and write what you learn from the products well and share recipes, if there :)
1. Sam supermarket is a one-story shopping center. Behind a large parking lot for cars inside the store itself, a food court and a lot of small shops, as some Russian clothing fair.

Where to begin? And we start with the Fisheries Department. More precisely seafood department because. that in addition to fish here a lot, and every other.

Something in the shells. Dimensions again for every taste.

Unknown dried mushrooms.

Unknown, but very expensive dried mushrooms.

The only familiar brand in the entire store.

The largest department with tea. But I'm not going to post it here. So the number of pictures has exceeded a reasonable limit.

Live toads. They are not very appetizing sacrificed and cut up when buying.

Fish varieties unknown to me.

Some of the huge fish that are only a head.

Another fish. All fish, including live, immediately when you peel and chop up.

This fish is only in the form of a cut.

This jellyfish.

Right from the fish lie some pickled vegetables.

On the contrary there are refrigerators with freezing.

There's crab sticks that do not buy into the usual American stores. There salad and sushi.

Frozen sliced ​​octopus.

Frozen sea cucumber.

This department, I would call "To beer." Everything is dried and cured. And it very much.

Dried squid.

Some kind of fish.

Dried something is not clear what.

And here is the beer itself. Mostly Chinese and Japanese.

Vegetable department's biggest store.

This is where I started having issues. It is the durian, I know.

There are a lot of things. Fresh fish lying on crushed ice.

This kind of grass.

This mushrooms. It is not clear what, but it is understood that the fungi.

Some other fungi.

But this is what?

I do not know the name, but the taste of the type of cabbage.

What's this?

What a shriveled cucumber?

It looks like a pear, but not pear.

And what is this ???

Living full of huge tanks near the floor.

Well, it's probably a pumpkin. Probably.

What it is? It is eaten?

Okay, enough vegetables. We proceed to the Department of frozen food. If we are in a similar department dumplings, pancakes and burgers, then there are beads, tubes and some other stuff.

Advertising sheds light on the contents of the balls.

True with dumplings and everything is in order. They are here, even more than we have.

Over refrigerators are the banks with something resembling soup.

Department of eggs is interesting.

Here apart from the usual chicken and quail are selling more and duck, and in finished form.

And most of all ducks.

Although, I would not say that their appearance made me salivate. Quite the contrary.

There are vegetarian chicken.

And vegaterianskaya duck. How is it I did not understand.

Shrimp different grades and gauges. Starting from a palm-sized horses, and ending with small seeds like.

That's what I know! It's even in Russian shops sell. It is ready and rolled dough for ravioli.

almost the same "doshirak", only fresh - Chinese noodles.

That's what I do not understand what.

It is the same.

This department of the birds, but there is almost no chicken.

Ice cream I have shown. Here, too, it has.

Frozen young coconut shavings.

Regular balls stuffed.

of such a thing I have eaten in Thailand. It was a dessert, and it was disgusting.

Strange corn.

Left squid right some shellfish. I do not eat seafood, so they do not particularly understand, so if you write any nonsense, then please correct me.

Go ahead. This department with spoons and chopsticks.

Cookware and kitchen appliances as kettles, rice cookers and Thermo.


Some cosmetics.


Something to beer.

Undetermined packed in vacuum kebabs.

Peanuts in Wasabi.

On the bank painted fruit, but their contents did not like, even in dried form.


It looks like a pickled pods, but it is not the pods. I do not know what it is, but they are alive and stir.

Sweets with ginseng.

Home Main department store. This department noodle. The right and left until the end of a noodle.

A lot of noodles.

Instant noodles.

Noodles huge packages.

Japanese noodles.

Noodles in banks.

Thick noodles with banks.

Noodles such.

Noodles syakaya.

Noodles strange kind.

The noodles so much that even the Chinese do not know what to choose.

Vegetable oil.

Another big department with sauces and condiments. Sauces on the left.

Sauces right. Besides soy do not know anything.

Some here are the sauces.

Soy sauce is sold in containers of 2, 5 liters.

Next came the dried stuff. Something dried.

Even something dried.

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