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Died in early January 2007, Momofuku Ando Japanese during his lifetime named few knew. But it belongs to the main Japanese invention of the XX century, leaving behind the most important and karaoke, and portable audio player. Momofuku Ando invented instant noodles.

Momofuku Ando was born in 1910 on the Japanese-occupied Taiwan. His parents died when he was a child and raised by his grandparents, who owned the company for the production of clothing. When Ando was 22 years old, he started his own business and went to Osaka.

«One day I was walking down the street past the queue Osaka length of 20-30 meters, lined up in front of a dimly lit tent from which steaming ... Dressed in shabby clothes people shivering in the cold, waiting for hours their turn. The man who accompanied me and said that they wanted to get a bowl of ramen noodles (traditional Japanese noodles), "- wrote in his autobiography, Momofuku Ando. Picture of shivering, starving citizens so impressed Ando, ​​the owner of a small food company that later he devoted his life to the Japanese, and the inhabitants of the planet do not have to be humiliated for the sake of serving noodles.

In 1934 he successfully graduated from the school of Economics, University Ritsumeykan in Kyoto and received Japanese citizenship. Things were going well, but after the Second World slump. Ando in 1948 was sentenced to prison for tax evasion, and his company went bankrupt.

At this time, the country lost the war, famine reigned.
People were forced to stand in long lines for food. Therefore, Ando was very surprised when I heard that the Japanese Ministry of Health encourages people to literally eat the bread of American wheat received as humanitarian supplies. Noodles was much more common for the Japanese dish, but the power of Japanese food companies are clearly not enough to ensure that the entire country.

In 1948 he decided to change the scope and do what, in his opinion, always provide incomes. He began trading with salt.
His goods, of course, in demand, but it did not save him from the new bankruptcy. That is the beginning of his company prospered. So much so that he became a prominent member of the business community in Osaka. He was invited to the boards of directors of many companies and even made chairman of a local credit associations. It went bankrupt. Ando had to pay creditors from its own resources, making it almost beggars. It was then that he remembered that line, which saw in 1948. All remaining funds Ando he threw an invention product which not only brings a profit, but would benefit from his fellow citizens.

Creating a cup noodles was a matter not easy. Indeed, from the very beginning Ando abandoned the idea to produce a dry noodles: noodles cooking method, which could be stored for a long time, the Chinese invented a millennium ago. The purpose of Ando was much ambitious. His noodles had to be not only cheap but also delicious and quick to prepare. With this and had to tinker. For their experiments Ando built this kitchen-lab in a shed behind his house in the town of Ikeda.
The equipment was the easiest. Traditional machine to cook egg noodles and a large pot. At first it seemed that the problem posed by Ando, ​​unsolvable. Noodles ever received quite tasteless or fall apart so that turned into a mess.

The breakthrough came when Ando invented spray broth noodles ordinary garden watering. He then stir the noodles that the upper layer is impregnated with the broth, it fried in palm oil by evaporating the water, and then dried in the form of briquettes. To prepare the noodles in it just had to add the boiling water. Each noodle cakes Ando invented to put two bags: one, opaque, were spices and bouillon extract, in the other, transparent, - a small portion of palm oil.

First, a new dish was expensive and regarded as a delicacy, but a year later, prices fell, and sales began to grow rapidly.

In 1958, the first product created by Ando company Nissin Food Products entered in the stores and became a bestseller. And not only in Japanese. Ando, ​​often said that "the world will be peace if people will not experience lack of food" was not going to be limited to the Japanese market. That's why his first instant noodles is available only with chicken flavor under the trademark Chikin Ramen. The fact was a reason. "Using our cooking chicken noodle soup, we were able to bypass the religious taboo operating in different countries. Hindus can not eat beef and Muslims - pork, but there is no culture, religion or country that prohibits eating chicken "- explains the Japanese.

After 12 years of Nissin Food noodles known throughout Asia as well as in Europe and America. However, Ando was not going to rest on our laurels.
In 1971, he came up with something that made him noodles perhaps the most popular product on the planet. In stores there was a novelty from Ando - Noodles Cup Noodle, sell in a waterproof bowl of polystyrene foam. Directly into it you can add hot water. There was no longer any need to shift noodles, wash the dishes after a meal. Noodles by Ando has become a truly cost-effective, that appreciated the students, bachelors, working, who want to save time for lunch. And soon after that started to add in noodles, dried vegetables, which razvarivayas in boiling water, creating the impression of a full soup.
But most importantly, space literally break the food innovator committed in 2005. It was then that the instant noodles in the vacuum packaging, designed specifically for their longevity astronavtov.A Ando cheated on daily use of the noodle of his own invention.

Starting with the production of chicken noodles in cellophane bags, Ando has become a real emperor cup noodles. His company produces nearly two dozen kinds of noodles with a variety of flavors and ingredients. Empire Ando plants located around the world - from the United States and Peru to Germany and Hungary - and supply their products in almost 70 countries. According to the company, in the world every day more than 100 million people use the noodles from Nissin.

The invention Ando has long been the province of all mankind. Of course, the world leader in the consumption of instant noodles is, as you might guess, China: Chinese consume about 30 billion servings of product per year. For China, followed by Japan and Indonesia. With such a large scale is not surprising creation of the International Association of cup noodles and the fact that the annual celebration dedicated to her world summit (World Ramen Summit). According to the summit in 2004, humans consumed 65, 5 billion packages cup noodles. And, as conceived by Ando, ​​she continues to save people. The staple food of the victims of the Asian tsunami in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in the United States was just cup noodles.
With a light hand Ando noodles now produce hundreds of companies around the world. She has a different taste (in Poland, for example, there are noodles flavored borscht), but otherwise it is not much different from the invention Ando, ​​since most manufacturers try to emphasize this similarity. Opening the noodles of any company, you can be sure to find something there that came up with Ando: noodle cakes and two sachets. Transparent - oil and silver - with broth and spices.

And in 2000, when asked about the main Japanese invention of the XX century, the Japanese have definitely put in the first place is not super modern computers or electronic devices, and a simple and nutritious dish, familiar to almost everyone today.

At noodles invented Ando, ​​has its drawbacks. Nutritionists and doctors argue about how healthy is the food. Restaurateurs and fighters for the good taste complain that, like other fast food, noodles kills a person's ability to distinguish between a gastronomic masterpiece of cheap cooking. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that the main goal, which has set itself the Momofuku Ando, ​​performed. "Instant noodles are provided to Mr. Ando's rightful place in the pantheon of human progress. Teach a man to fish - and he will feed himself for life. Give him instant noodles - and you no longer need to teach him anything, "- says a New York journalist Lawrence Downes. Best epitaph bankrupt, who decided to save mankind from hunger, did not come up.


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