Service in the French Foreign Legion

One citizen of Kazakhstan made an interesting report and shared his impressions about the service in a special French Foreign Legion.

Very interesting review, read on.

Departure from Istres military airport in the south of France. Fly about 6 hours. In the photo are flying over the Sahara. I would not want to be there now ...

I would like to share with you the impressions of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (until 1986 the name officially translated into Russian as the Republic of Ivory Coast) within the French Foreign Legion. Operation called LICORNE («Unicorn"). In the Legion, I went to check yourself, know your limits, to learn discipline. After I plan to finish the Masters in Paris and return home to Kazakhstan. The mandate of the stay lasts 4-6 months. I'll be here until the end of October 2013.

After landing and exit into the fresh air seemed that someone follow you around with the heater running. In addition, the humidity is very high, the skin instantly covered with small beads of sweat. Quickly get on the bus with air conditioning.

Part of Port-Bouet is near the airport. Building, waiting for the arrival of Colonel, Commander in Chief of our operation. In the photo my friend Mongol, to service in a legion worked as a bodyguard Minister of Mongolia. Dangerous type, which many people avoid, but as well that we have a single ancestor, it united us.

Raising the flag of France and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire. Hot and terribly stuffy.

Already housed the rooms, to dinner a couple of hours. Found coconuts in the garden and went to work.

All around the green, equatorial climate. Coconuts grow in the garden. Enough for all the head. Followed by a week of adaptation to climate change, sport is strictly prohibited, so as not to get sunstroke.

Adaptation was successful. Begin sporting activities. Generally, about sports in the legion can talk endlessly - from running (the favorite sport of the French) for short distances and ending triathlon Iron Man, where you have to run, ride a bike and even go on far smaller distance. The photo swimming competition with an obstacle course.

In the pool, you can go every day during siesta (nap time). Siesta from 12.00 to 15.00, because it's too hot to work. The rooms have air conditioning and all the amenities.

For those who want to improve their French, there is a language course. Upon admission to the Legion 90 percent of people do not know the language, but, as they say in uchebke, "does not come through the ears, comes through the hands." The quicker you learn the language, the faster will be sent to the corporal experience - hell, which lasts 8 weeks, where I lost 8 kg and painkillers passed the final tests of sports with a crack in the lower leg. Never in my life would not want to go there again!

Before lunch and dinner with us, "aperitif" - pull-ups, push-ups and exercises for abdominal muscles.

The photo of soldiers, my friend Juan, Colombian. On his return to France will go to the length of Corporal.

Soldiers of the things you love. In the Legion does not exist hazing, but there ustavschina. If a soldier does not comply with an order or makes a mistake, it usually is pushed. How much time - now depends on the good nature of Corporal. We were taught on the experience of the corporal that "corporal should be stronger and faster than a soldier in all cases, then there will be respect for him».

Assembly and analysis of weapons at a time. Surface French army uses automatic FAMAS 5, 56 mm and 9 mm pistol PAMAS. There are several types of sniper rifles, anti-tank units. FAMAS shoot accurately, but unreliable. After firing the weapon clean always to shine. On uchebke weapons clean up all night, and do not forget how many fall down from exhaustion, like dominoes.

Began a patrol in Abidjan. France shows its presence in its former colony.

Culture shock after the Western world. Africans relieve themselves in plain sight and in a public place - in the order of things.

Local traffic police does not sleep. Remembered as soon as my Al-Farabi stopped repeatedly. In France, traffic police rarely stops cars. I would say, almost never.

Stopped for a smoke break. The photo-Ecuadorian Corporal Zambrano. A good fellow, but he says a lot and often in vain.

Viewing the patrol route with the captain. Officers in the legion is 99 percent of the French from very wealthy families, in addition to the legion get the best officers of the Paris military school. Because of this, they are considered among the elite officer's other French military. Chinese left - it's not me.

Pass area Cocody. It is home to the richest people in Abidjan. Villas even like something on the Kazakh. Again was a wave of nostalgia for home.

African SWAT. Ready at any moment to establish order in the streets of Abidjan. Cheerfully waved as we drove past.

Cocody. A great contrast compared to other areas of Abidjan.

District Plateau. Skyscrapers, billboards and central (perhaps the only) stadium.

All passengers cars fun waving to us.

Leaving the African Manhattan and go to other areas of Abidjan.

The central mosque of the city.

Juan can not hide his impressions of Abidjan.

The head of the UN body. Protected as Fort Knox.

This happens drying things in poor neighborhoods of Abidjan.

Some tower. Return to the part. Weekly routine, sports, clothes ...

Preparing to go to the north of the country to the city Niele, right on the border with Mali. Will accompany the convoy logistics for colleagues who are fighting in the north of Mali Tuareg rebels.

Three of us in the jeep armored car: pilot - fearless Mongol Algerian soldiers - a lover of doner and the commander of the armored car - Kazakh, miss kazi.

This Victor, we were with him Lads Camp, but then fell into different parts. He Pavlodar, but lived in Buenos Aires and then in Luxembourg. Kazakh knows "zhaksy" and "cal Kalai?". Very positive guy and a good friend.

We are waiting for dispatch. Checking the convoy. Ipod charged. You can go.

For convoy length of 3 kilometers need help local gendarmerie to freely leave the city. Unforgettable feeling when you sit on top of the jeep armored car, drive to the police on the streets of Africa.

The movement has successfully stopped.

And this is how football stars are born global scale.

The course keep to the north.

All movement is. The column, after all, is very long. Accompany the order of 40 pieces of equipment.

Stopped because one of the trucks is too high to pass under the bridge. Missed this factor. He'll have to make a detour.

Even African mannequins with wide hips.

Checking the connection. You can go further. A 700 km to go Niele. And this with a velocity of 60-80 km / h. We have two days to deliver the convoy safely. Merciless heat.

Darkens somewhere in 18 hours. It is time to hunt mosquitoes. Give them a spray, but it is not very efficient, since all washed off immediately afterwards. Though were vaccinated in France and take daily Doxycycline, there is still a chance of contracting malaria. Let's hope for the best.

The first failure. After a few wheels on the recording medium tanks. Delay hour. Stopped for the night at the fire. Sleeping on cots with mosquito net. Feast for mosquitoes.

Morning. They arrived at the Yamassoukrou - political capital. Compared Abidjan much richer architecture.

A bit of history: it is on the African continent, in the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, is the largest to date, Catholic cathedral in the world. In 1983 he was in power at the time, Felix Houphouet-Boigny decided to move the capital of Côte d'Ivoire Yamassoukrou, as well as build a new capital, the largest Catholic church in the world. So Felix Boigny immortalized his name in history, and not to forget his appearance, his stained image was placed in the temple near the image of Christ and the apostles. But we will return to the cathedral later.

Central pharmacy.

Côte d'Ivoire ranks first in the world in the export of cocoa. But other representatives of agriculture here in plenty. Eat bananas, coconuts eat ... For 150 tenge in the equivalent of the local currency can buy 5 kg of mango.

Here in this edifice I was 72 hours during a training exercise in northern France in February 2011. In addition, the heating did not work. Unforgettable. The benefit of our crew was a little rum and whiskey.

We arrived in Bouake. Fairly large city. Need to refuel for further road. We stopped in PAKBAT - Pakistani battalion of the UN.

Time to call relatives and friends. The photo-Portuguese sergeant Lopes Matos - perpetuum mobile.

As you can see, not only the Chinese noodle house is popular. The photo-Corporal Brazilian with German roots Schoepf.

Again, in a way. Leaving PAKBAT.

We call himself directly in Bouake.

The city is teeming with an abundance of Chinese-made motorcycle brand SANYA.

Market Boauke.

All worn only on the head and from an early age.

We stopped in a nearby town for a smoke. Local merchants surround.

Children ran. Asking for candy and cookies from suhpayka.

Little black boy.

Black Power.

Finally arrived in Niele. Canine with his faithful companion. After the service dog he takes himself.

He gave a handful of chocolates - and then it began!

The girl with a box in the hands of suhpayka here for the main. She is engaged in the carve-up of all.

Extraordinary hairstyle.

In general, the Ivorians like to write on their vehicles various interesting phrases.

The road back. We are again in Bouake in PAKBAT away. All just dead lay down to sleep. And let all the mosquitoes bite world.

Again pass Yamassoukrou. Let me tell you a little more about this basilica.

Temple in Yamassoukrou dedicated to Our Lady Peace - Basilique de Notre Dame de la Paix. This temple was built on the model of the main Catholic church - Roman ST. Peter - and, just as he is, is not formally a cathedral, although most of his so-called believers. Construction of the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace was launched in August 1985 and it was consecrated by Pope John Paul II in September 1990. Interesting Basilica Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in that it is one of the biggest as cathedrals in the world and one of the world's highest church. For its construction has been spent more than three hundred million US dollars, which doubled the already rather big public debt of Côte d'Ivoire. The construction of this luxurious and majestic temple in the center of the African city, where most of the population lives below the poverty line was ambiguously perceived by the world community. Despite all this, most people Yamassoukrou sincerely proud of their cathedral.

Our entire peloton assembly.

Ukrainian Daniel. Master's degree in Paris - and longing for adventure. Each has its own history of admission to the Legion.

Came some delegation.

From myself and on behalf of his crew wish you a great summer and thanks for taking the time to view. Tank.



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