Interesting invention 60s

A collection of original and crazy things that were invented in the distant 60-ies famous.
By the way, some of them are the prototype of the things we now enjoy.

Air turbomassazher Head

Nepontyanoe invention is to ticklish feet, maybe they wanted to make a foot massager, but how can you relax while standing.

Shoes for movement on water

Produced by producing tires «Goodyear» - glowing tires that are illuminated from the inside.

Cat-Mew - a device that generates sounds of cats to rid the house of rodents.

Test to check the reaction of motorcyclists

Compact player

Portable tape recorder with radio

The prototype of the first computer mouse, which was created by Douglas Engelbart

The first microcar to the big city

Hat with storage pockets. Apparently intended for hairdressers

The first radio-controlled lawnmower



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