How to stop to take time off and start working

One of Leonardo da Vinci is so delayed while taking one of the works that he had run away from an angry customer. But this episode did not teach him anything. Leonardo repeatedly violated deadlines. He was a great procrastinator.

Procrastination - a clumsy word officially respectable person can replace a lot of colloquial synonyms, like, pull the cat's tail, dawdle, dig, Gimp, pull the rubber. Start procrastination gave two Latin words: «pro» - and for «cras» - tomorrow. In general, tomorrow, tomorrow, not today - all procrastinators say.

I'll think about it tomorrow
Some believe that procrastination leads to one thing: the delays. Not at all: other procrastinators manage to meet all deadlines, but at the cost of much time and full imbalances workflow.
The fact that the time to perform any task includes the time to "overclock": it is necessary to recognize the problem, prepare for work, have a cup of tea. In procrastinators acceleration delayed for indecently long time: they do not what is necessary, or not doing anything at all. As a result, the average procrastinator experiences:

Sense of wonder stupidly wasted time - it does not matter, he put off work or just pussycats over it until the deadline loomed.
Feeling of oppression unfulfilled tasks.
Feeling that you all should irreparably, and the consequent sense of guilt.

However, it may be so, that the natural tendency to pull the rubber did not bother procrastinator. I was a friend of the designer, whose friends tried to call to visit for two hours before they are - God willing, will reach to the desired time. Admission is triggered via a time. It happened that the guests were about to go home, as the bell rang, the owner picked up the phone and tried not to laugh, listening to a belated apology guest. They were standard: I'm sorry, something I dug really did not notice how much time. Designer Kostya was not terribly loaded at work, did not lead a double life, not an agent of the security services, as we at first assumed it was a classic procrastinator, but not a drop of it did not suffer.
Most procrastinators far from such a harmony with each other. Therefore, try to understand the reasons for shirking from work - so at least it will be more aware and less painful.

Sense of catastrophe
Often, the first impression of the upcoming serious business - despair: "I did not prevail against ever." You can certainly call it fear of failure, but the feeling of hopelessness and often have quite confident people.
It is something else: the task set (especially new and unusual) is an immense boulder unknown which side to approach it.
What to do. As Caesar bequeathed to us, divide and conquer. Shall describe, from what problems you are facing is the problem. Whether they can be divided into even smaller - as long as each of the problems will not be indivisible and very specific? Then ask yourself the question: what would the most difficult thing that can be done on autopilot, and that we should give up the main force.
To support recall how many times an intuitive sense disaster brings you - surely you have had to stand in front of an array of problems, which eventually turned out to be quite solvable.

Event Horizon overshadowed work
It's no revelation that people are divided into those who are comfortable working on multiple tasks in parallel, switching from one to another, and those who does not tolerate frequent switching. The inheritance of the past - a long and fruitful work on something one and not to be disturbed.

When "odnostanochnik" risks becoming a procrastinator? Then, when he set to work on the task "from dawn to the fence." That is, not able to measure how long it takes to complete the case. It seems that all the deadlines that are set aside, you should use: a week - so a week for three hours - so three hours.

This strategy gives easy infantilism: someone external dictates how much time is necessary to cope with. However, similar to the control in the classroom?
What to do. It is not necessary to shift to the other control over their lives, including control over the time. Break standing in front of you a great deal on a few specific tasks and end. Describe how much time you can perform each of them. Then make a list of other things (useful and pleasant) that you want to accomplish in the near future. It will not allow "bloat" main case to epic proportions and overshadow the rest of his life. Malignant procrastinators can take a timer on it and noting how long it took to perform a specific task, comparing the actual desired.

Bated trouble
Sometimes it is impossible to force myself to take up the case because it does not belong to the soul - and even die. Pangs of conscience and ethical issues here absolutely nothing to do, and it's generally pleasant. But it may contain a small, but malicious element, which deal with absolutely do not want - for example, a very tedious calculations, the need to consult with a boorish man. The weight of this "trouble" can be very small compared to the nice part of the case, but it can poison the whole of existence.

What to do. It's time to break up all the tasks on the pleasant and not. By the way, they can be unpleasant because of concern: they can be formulated vague, unrealistic or slabodostizhimy their achievement is not limited by time. In general, they are not bad, but the problem. And the sooner they will be tracked problematic, the easier it will be to cope with it and begin to address the problem as a whole. Well, nice and nasty piece of work can be alternated.

Wonderful Life, we have lost
It happens so that undertake work just do not feel like it. And even dismemberment to pleasant and unpleasant fragments does not help: they disgust. And if you catch yourself thinking: "But now you can do something fun," therefore, unpleasant work associated with deprivation of you. There is a fear that the work will consume you and leave no time or energy for anything else. Why should willingly go into the mouth to sink?
What to do. Try to stop heavy sigh and replace: "I have to do it" to "I want to do that ...". To quickly free not to let important for you people to temper the character to gain the necessary experience. And if all these "to" do not work, probably should prevent seditious thought: maybe this job and really absorbs you and gives nothing in return? Maybe it well?

Miracle deadline
Finally, some procrastinators there is almost a conscious desire to hold on to deal deadline: they believe that in a very short time they are much more productive.
People with this kind of productivity exist. But they are much less than we would like to think. For the rest of the proximity deadline - it's nerves, liters of coffee, a task in general terms, without detailed consideration and, finally, a day or two "othodnyaka" after the delivery of the work.
What to do. You can set yourself an interim deadline - for example, in order to put an end to a project and do completely different. Should not be misled, this approach does not help to get rid of the agony of the real deadline, but at least be able to soften it, and at the same time reduce the time allotted for procrastination.


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