Hazardous Products

If you want to lose weight - not necessarily to torture yourself so terrible diets each day to spend hours in the gym. Suffice it to only exclude from your diet all harmful products. They are not so much. So.

1. Chips.

Potatoes, in fact, is not the most useful product - starch and only and chips in and does nothing useful and natural - carcinogens, flavors, flavor enhancers, and of course oil. Regular consumption of chips could lead to oncological diseases and weight problems. The same goes for fries.

2. Soda.

Did you know that even gouache, diluted in water and seasoned with sugar is not as harmful as colored soda? It is believed that fast food is best to drink carbonated water, but it is only a cunning marketing ploy. In fact, soda sensation of hunger, and you want to eat another hamburger. By the way Coca-Cola Light not how much better than the usual Coke. It contains a sugar substitute, which is much more harmful.

3. Fast food.

In addition to speed and prices at fast food there are no advantages. Although quick and harmless stave off hunger, you can safely cook a sandwich from vegetables, cheese and ham.

4. Mayonnaise.

It is only about the store mayonnaise. If you stop to use it - you notice how his waist a little smaller in size. Incidentally it is possible to add here ketchup and other sauces that contain flavor enhancers, flavoring agents, fats and no natural ingredients. Instead, try to use low-fat sour cream. Much tastier and healthier.

5. Salt and sugar.

They are called - white death. The salt prevents withdrawal of water from the body and is deposited in the most unwanted places. Sugar for all slimming enemy number one. But if you completely give up of these products is not possible, is simply to limit the consumption - for example, dosalivat food and get used to the natural taste of food. But you can also replace sugar with honey.

6. Alcohol.

The harm of alcohol and so everything is clear. If you consistently consume alcohol once a week - this is alcoholism. If you do not know how you can sensibly spend the holiday - too. Start to give up alcohol can be a refusal of the cheapest alcoholic beverages. Well, then just find non-drinking group.

7. Sausages and smoked.

You can never probably guess from what and when it is made sausages. Smoked and salted meat only need for more long-term storage products. Of course, all use of the product over time lost and cadaveric symptoms do not stop. Only here is to note the buyer is not able to because of the flavors and flavor enhancers.

8. Fried

Roasting in margarine and sunflower oil leads to the formation of carcinogens and kills all the beneficial properties of food. Also during frying oil is replaced with part of the liquid resulting in higher calorie foods. Instead of frying foods, you can lightly fry until golden brown, and finish cooking in the oven or in a double boiler.

9. Sweet

Among the most harmful sweets can distinguish candy, candy, chewy candy. In fact they are more harmful than a piece of cake because they contain dyes and fragrances. I would like the sweet? Eat honey, dried fruits or dark chocolate.

10. White bread.

Fresh bread rolls or white bread course delicious, but they have absolutely nothing useful, because flour from which they are prepared, cleaned of nutritional fiber. So there is much more useful whole-grain bread.


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