Chin is not needed.

To strengthen the muscles of the neck and chin regularly do the following exercise: (initial position: keep your head straight)

1. Tilt your head to the left, move with the jaw to the left shoulder, return to starting position. The same - right.

2. Tilt your head forward, return to starting position, then back - to its original position.

3. Tilt your head forward, pover¬nite her right shoulder, then lean back, turn to the left shoulder. Return to starting position. Same with the slope to the left.

4. Zaprokinte head back, while pull the lower jaw forward and upward, trying to lower lip as if to get the tip of the nose. Return to starting position.

Exercise is repeated 5 times in each direction.

In addition, try to at least five minutes a day walking with thick book on his head. You thus get rid of a double chin and still gain easy beautiful gait and posture straight.


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