He could tell chin about our childhood

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"Our chins can you tell me anything about our childhood," thought the scientists and organized the study. They checked about 6 600 teenagers from 12 to 17 years, and they were right.

The website will tell you how the past affects the shape of the chin and jaw.

Protruding chin (prognathism)

People with a strong lower jaw can boastwell-developed muscles and strong bone structure, but also a tendency to be overweight. If the jaw is symmetrical, that's for sure Podarok inheritance from one of the parents or ancestors.

Beveled chin (retrognathism)

Receding jaw, on the contrary, speaks of a weakly developed muscles, but flexible skeleton and lack the propensity to be overweight, and even a predisposition to color blindness. At birth, the holders of such chin are lighter. Symmetrical sloping chin is also a hereditary trait.

Asymmetrical jaw

Asymmetry of the jaw is not innate, but acquired trait. It appears the stress of the body in childhood, for example lack of protein, early weaning, exposure to heavy metals, obesity and Smoking. The reason may be a big family or low income, which could affect the nutrition or quality of care.

Asymmetrical can be protruding and sloping chin. According to the study, the chin have met each of the 4th "test". Weak asymmetry is not visible to the naked eye, of course, if you are not orthodontist. But there are ways to test yourself. So, you have the asymmetric structure of the jaw, if:

  • you chew more on the right or left side;
  • teeth you more crush, not grind food;
  • plaque appears stronger on some teeth;
  • sometimes gums bleed.
Symmetric smooth chin

Symmetric smooth jaw structure, according to the study, says that it is completely inherited traitthat is not affected by external factors and the environment.

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