The struggle with the second chin

"Second chin" — a problem which can't handle more than one hundred women. The most faithful ways of dealing with a second chin is exercise! So here are some effective exercises. The first exercise will allow you to remove the second chin in the short term. It is performed lying on the back. Keeping your head on the weight, lift it, trying to see your feet. Do 15-20 repetitions. But this exercise is not recommended for people suffering from vascular diseases, or spinal problems.

Longer the time you have to spend on this next exercise, but it gives an excellent result. Sit at the table, put on his elbows. Lips close and put her chin on her clasped fingers. The head should be slightly raised, chin slightly pulled forward. For 30 minutes complete a Pat on the chin without opening the fingers. Finger movements you need to perform easy exercise is repeated several times a day.

The following exercise will also allow you to remove the second chin. It can be performed even in the office during a break, or free from work minutes. Stand up, keep your backs straight. Put your hands on your shoulders. Then try to pull the neck up as much as possible, as if you want to make it longer. With the arms push on the shoulders, they should remain fixed. Need to do at least 5-6 times.

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