A simple exercise that improves the blood circulation of the brain

Blood flow to the brain

No one doubts that to our mind was clear, flexible and fresh it is necessary to have a healthy nervous system. In humans, two of them — Central and peripheral. The Central nervous system provides control of all conscious human activities. The peripheral carries out the communication of the Central nervous system of our body and brings to each of his cells her "team".To consciousness it was okay, needs a healthy Central nervous system. First and foremost — the brain.

Full brain activity is completely dependent on its blood supply. If you stop the blood supply of the brain by more than six minutes is in most cases will lead to irreversible damage.Accordingly, the prevention of violations of the supply of blood to the brain receives vital for humans.

The brain consists of billions of neurons and each has a supply of arteries and capillaries. And blood vessels act as a kind of axis around which are the neurons.

The neurons of the brain needs constant nutrition, which they receive blood. The brain requires continuous delivery of blood and oxygen to the neurons. Stop the delivery of oxygen for a few minutes, neurons begin to die. Therefore, any obstacles in the way of the blood to the neurons, can cause irreparable harm and be fatal.

Our body has the mechanism of self-regulation allows in case of blockage of some blood vessels find other ways to flow of blood to the brain. If one of the arteries has shrunk and does not bleed, others may expand in order to pass through a larger volume of blood. But the possibilities of this mechanism are not unlimited. If we don't help our body, then over time it will be more difficult to cope with emerging troubles on their own.

But we can help him in this. And, most important, it will not take much time. For this purpose it is desirable to perform daily small exercises, it can be included into daily charging.


Exercises for the brain, improves circulation

Our current sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and sedentary work lead to deterioration in supplying the brain with blood. Are particularly affected if our head is a long time in the same position. Even worse, if it is still somewhat tilted in any direction.

Exercises with turns and head tilts described in the book by M. Norbekov "Experience fool or how to get rid of points", increase the elasticity of blood vessels supplying the brain and cause their expansion. Combining these exercises with rhythmic breathing we increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and improve its performance.

Work with cervical Department of a backbone and normalizes intracranial pressure, improves memory, hearing, vision, improves performance.

Gradually recovering the vestibular apparatus, it becomes normal sleep, improves the condition of the thyroid gland, eliminates numbness in hands and generally improving the nutrition of the brain.

Safety: All movements are performed smoothly. The stress increases gradually. Not to bring up pain. In the neck there should be only a pleasant sense of tension, avoid overexertion. If you have problems with the cervical spine, before exercise consult your doctor.

Exercise 1.

Starting position: body Straight, his chin dropped to his chest. Chin slide down the sternum, reaching to the navel. Then back. Alternate tension and relaxation easy. With every new strain I try to keep things moving, adding a little bit of effort, and again a slight relaxation. Perform several of these movements.

Attention! If this exercise to fulfil very heavily or You have problems in the cervical spine, then change this movement to the stretching of the head and neck forward.

Exercise 2.

The body is straight, not throws back her head and deflected slightly back, chin pointed toward the ceiling. Extend your chin up. Then move to the second stop, a little let go of stress, but don't relax and then extend your chin upwards. Do several of these movements, not forgetting about safety.

Exercise 3

The spine is constantly straight. Shoulders while performing the exercise absolutely still. Head tilting to the right (not turn!) and effortlessly try to touch ear to shoulder.Do not fret, if you don't reach the goal immediately. And don't overdo it! Over time You will do it freely. Then tilts his head to the left shoulder.

Exercise 4

Stand exactly. Head straight, look in front of me. Around the nose, around the fixed support, begin to rotate your head to the right. The chin moves to the right, slightly forward and up. Remember how it makes the little puppy when he sees something interesting or reacting to Your words. This exercise is performed in three variants: the head exactly (look in front of me), head down (looking at floor), the head moves back a little (look at the ceiling). Be careful!

Exercise 5

Circular movements of the head unite in one all previous exercises for the cervical spine. Head rolls slowly and freely, not perenapravit muscles of the neck, several times in one direction and then in another. Do it with the utmost care and attention. Keep track of your feelings. If You have problems in the cervical spine, the movement being performed according to this scheme: the ear is drawn to right shoulder, chin pointing down, then his head rolled gently to the left shoulder and back. That is, make an incomplete circle head without tilting back.

Exercise 6

The body is straight. Stand exactly. Head in line with spine.Slowly takes a glance to the right, then rotate the head into position. It's original position.Trying to see what is behind, each time with additional efforts try to increase the angle of rotation. Not throws back her head! Check it out! Chin near the shoulder!

Make several such movements in one direction and then the same exercise in the other direction. Surge is unacceptable! Don't forget to breathe!

The book also operate joint exercises, part of which are these exercises. It's a great system of exercises, which positively affects the condition of the spine.published


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Source: fitnessbrain.ru/razvitie-mozga/uprazhneniya-razvitie-mozga/krovosnabzhenie-mozga-i-uprazhneniya-dlya-ego-profilaktiki


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