5 things that should be in every woman's make-up bag.

1. Compact powder foundation in summer or winter - protects against harmful UV radiation and other environmental influences: chapping, exhaust.

2. Blush. Not only pink or peach and brown shades of sunburn.

3. Means for care of lips - just moisturizing, nourishing balm or lipstick. From lip gloss cosmetologists are advised to get rid of this season. Now the trend has reversed. On povsednevku uses natural pastel shades, enough to have with two colors.

4. The thermal water - it is recommended to use as winter during the heating season and summer - to moisturize the skin, regardless of the type: dry, oily or problemnaya.Kosmetologi recommend to spray the face at least once an hour - on top of powder / foundation . It also helps to fix make-up.

5. Tone pencils with anti-inflammatory effect or small gels in a tube with a spout - is one of those "just in case". Pimple can jump each, and if it is locally processed immediately on top of the powder or tone, rather than waiting to return home, the next day you about it do not even remember.


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