The story about a trip to the sea :))

The story happened three years ago. I suddenly was designated holiday, as well as any tickets or vouchers for three days before the holiday to buy was no longer possible, I persuaded my friend to go with me to the sea in his car savages.
 Long to persuade him it was not necessary - took the money, mask, fins, a minimum of things (the rest will buy) - went.
But, apparently, decided to show the fate that day maximum sense of humor ...
Driving somewhere 300th kilometer of Moscow we went to the section of the road strewn with small (and not so) gravel.
The site was short, and we speed to keep up ...
By the end of this section we knocked out the rear window.
We stayed ... thought. As the glass insert in the Crimea - nizvestno without him there car and not stand for an hour.
 It is necessary to go back - insert glass, and go again. They turned around, drove off.
On the same site with gravel we knocks stone front glass. We already become funny ...
 If you imagine a car without the two glasses, you can feel the humor of the situation - a wind tunnel, in which, if you go over 30 miles per hour, not to breathe or eyes open.
 And the dust on the road clubs. Apparently at that time we were already very good mood, otherwise the head would not come this idea - we put a mask for snorkeling (to watch on the road) and the tube - to breathe.

So - go.

You can go no more than a hundred, of course, but tolerable.
 After 10 minutes, all that was not covered with the mask has become a beautiful shade cm layer of dust.
I feel the whole joke is also on hand flippers dressed ...
Pass Ring - immediately behind us is attached to Gai Zhigulev, make sure the glasses do not, and ahead of us.
 Their machine, keep to the right, to the left of the window pops Policeman rod and so shows us - like the curb ... For his trouble, he looked at us ...
In general, the expression of his face except myocardial mandibular I would not describe ...
 A wand and he continues to purely mechanical swing - like a pendulum.
It is seen as the second hand he pulls the driver's sleeve ...!

Apparently the driver, too, turned and beheld two blacks in masks and tubes, one of which he smiling pomohal flippers.

In part they were lucky that vtrechnoy cars were few, as the next left turn we fit, and they just went and ... to post.

Still remember the expressions of grandmothers at the door when we got out of the car.

P.S. And to the south then we never went. But that's another story ...

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