Well, yes, we must always speak the truth

Real history, even though he was not a witness, so some of the events can be misinterpreted, but the meaning does not change.

It was the case in one of the major cities in Ukraine, which also recently suffered plugs (motor vehicle).
 On the main street, on a silver Mercia, not the most expensive, but the new, the young lady was driving one day enjoy.
She thought perhaps how everything is so wonderful tonight, and maybe about how did the previous one, or has been immersed in the range of underwear, in general, I think about something significant.
I remind crowded street, the car barely moving.
 And after the next traffic light, or the lady to think hard, nor traffic signals mixed up, and perhaps none at all know.
And at the same moment, the same friend, the truth is men's appearance and a new and less expensive foreign car, probably a little too thoughtful.
 In short an accident. All plug become.
Men naturally razduplyayutsya faster most out of the car and begin to enjoy the results.
I came out and hit the car drove. After a time, a little girl and walked away.
She Carlson person who has recognized diabetes, gets out and begins with the usual women enthusiastically look at the impact site.
Through time he starts frantically yelling, screaming loudly.
Man looking at this situation, trying to somehow fix the situation, his hands arching bumper, which naturally does not buckle.
The lady poorat simply switches to the man, remembering all his relatives, naturally maternal, tells everyone where the man took the law and where to shove it fucking machine and its authoritative position in this sorrowful world.
The man starts something purred, about + Th yes here, you can fix it + bumper here that's a little bit and that sort of thing. And then the young lady pounding ice, which is dedicated to the story (very loudly):
 - What you will correct e * ny freak hand yourself fix. Yes, you know that for three years I was sucking on this machine.
Silent pause, which ended in a storm of laughter present.

ar-tem. 11/10/2004


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