The Lion and the Crane

In times of p. Joshua ben Hananiah Emperor Hadrian was allowed the Jews to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. Two citizens of Papus and Lulianus opened all the way from Antioch to Aku cash to supply all the returning Jews to Jerusalem and all the necessary money.
When this became known hutei (Samaritans, irreconcilable enemies of the Jews), they slandered Jews before Adrian, bringing about the supposedly imminent uprising against him.
- How can that be? - Adrian thought. - After approval already in force.
- Tell them - advised hutei - to renew the church is not in the same place, or were to change its size by increasing or decreasing them at least five elbows against the former. Then they built the temple of themselves refuse.
Meanwhile, all the people gathered in the valley of Beit Rimon, and the news of the new edict of Hadrian caused a general lamentation and despair. Here and there began voices against subordination to the decree. It was necessary to immediately calm the people. To whom to entrust it? The choice fell on the river. Ioshuyu ben Hanania as the most popular of the scientists.
P stands. Joshua and, turning to the people, says:
- Once a lion devouring its prey, crush bone. And the lion began to call for help: "Who will pull the bone out of my throat, that I will reward royally!" Arrived crane, put his long beak into the lion's throat and pulled the bone began to demand a reward. "Get out quickly, - said the lion - just for you rewards that you can boast, saying:" I was in the jaws of a lion - and left as you can see, safe and sound! "So we, brothers, let us be therewith, that came under the rule of Rome, at least we have kept his life so far.


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