One suit

Went once tycoon in a luxurious carriage, which carried of Six thoroughbred horses bought in different countries. The carriage is stuck in the quagmire, and how much the driver nor lashed the horses, they could not budge. But then came the farmer on a cart, which was carrying a pair of horses, and easily passed through that morass. The tycoon was amazed and asked the peasant:
- What is the strength of your horses?
And he said to him:
- Your horse, though strong individually, but all different breeds, and there is no connection between them. Each feels the other thoroughbred and tends to his side: stegnёsh one, and another that only rejoice. And I have a simple horse, of the same suit: mare with her foal. Almost threaten to whip one of them, the other is making every effort to help to that side.


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