20 of the most beautiful horses in the world from which you will be hard to look away.

Horses are undoubtedly among the most beautiful, majestic and graceful creatures on our planet. There are many colors, breeds and colors of these marvelous animals. Each breed in its own unique and gorgeous. The horses united all - mind, generosity, fidelity, vibrant energy, the desire for freedom ... The power and strength of these animals simply can not but arouse admiration and awe! It's 20 most beautiful and most unusual horses from around the world. I can not take my eyes! Look no Drunk with the sea of ​​grace and charm of these animals ... Last - just beauty!

Akhal-Teke horse

Another Akhal-Teke horse

Persheronskaya horse

Black and white pinto

isabella suit

dun horse

White apples

Red Rabikan


Silver buckskin

Red-haired with darkening

classic champagne

The Golden Champagne

Tiger gray




Horse masked

Another horse in the mask


Until then, they are beautiful! I have a strong desire to ride on horseback ... From this you can not just walk cheerfulness, but also get a lot of indescribable emotion. Show these indescribable beauties from the world of animals to your friends.



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