Mad Men

- People of the world - mad - said Adzhnabi and promised his disciples to prove this assertion.
The same evening Adzhnabi invited to visit a certain rich man to break the fast with him. This man came and they ate some dry bread and one Phoenicia: other food in the house was not Adzhnabi.
Back home, the rich man sent Sufi as a gift purse with ten thousand dinars. Adzhnabi sent him back, accompanied by a note: "Bread can be eaten, but what is the use of gold? People only imagine that it is for something good. " Then he called for a needy person, ordered him to go to the house of the rich man and ask him ten thousand dinars. When the man returned, asked Adzhnabi:
- What did he say?
Requiring replied:
- He said that he will not give me anything.
Then Adzhnabi turned to his disciples:
- People of the world, of course, insane. They believe that gold is as valuable as bread, and even exchange one for the other. When they encounter an honest and needy people, they imagine that in their own interest to refuse to help him. If they see themselves as normal, then hurry it all become those whom they called madmen.


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